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Ovulating With Needs

Ovulating with Needs

By stoneypoint - Feb 21, 2010 - From erotic- stories. Erotic Stories - Views - 16369 It had begun. Creating another stirring consciousness, she felt the arousing sensations in her body, and that day would prove no different she told herself as she worked through the invoices. The day was hardly half over, but it seemed like it already had gone on forever. Every time she passed one up, it seemed to echo throughout her while resonating from its core- Her juicy moistening pussy. Plenty times through the morning, she already had to stop working knowing the only real solution all this was to get away and just do it. Her mind was frazzled. For a while it controlled her body’s needs. But it continued telling her “Go home Juliana! Take care of me… Take care of my needs!”
She couldn’t and she knew it, but it was what she thought she had to do at that point. What and how could she stop this? No longer focused, she sat at her desk doing nothing but trying to figure out an excuse to get it over with; fix the sensations peeling away at her resolve. Now aching horribly, she felt the pains echoing inside her. She felt the pounding and thunderous vibrations creating havoc and she knew only one way to suppress the events was to get away, go home, and get it done. It would allow the young succulent, flesh filled beauty one more great opportunity to put her in exactly the mood she loved being in when in situations like this.
“Ohhhhhh god” she said under her breath… Ohhh lord” she added.
The walls had ears. She’d forgotten this. The guy looked up, wondering. The coworker having heard her asked if everything was okay. She didn’t answer. She blushed feeling conscientious now so he asked again.
“Huh, oh yeah” she said, her voice breaking up.
He wondered. He smiled mischievously. It was the way his dirty mind worked. They were “buddies” though. That was all they were. He wished dirty thoughts which allowed his mind to run free with ideas about her. He always did it and she always laughed just so he could have his playful fun with her and maybe visa versa. Little did he know that she was, for whatever reason, horny again because of something else going on.
At that point, she wasn’t getting any work done and she had to but she wasn’t. The only thing on her mind was how she felt. Being home and alone in front of her cam doing herself was all that mattered, she was so horny suddenly. Yeah that’s correct- Home and alone and stretched out almost entirely naked. She loved doing it this way. She loved having that time to herself all the time especially when this happened every month. Doing her, what she did best, involved her, her mind, and her long tubular toys. She smiled. Yes, pleasuring her body, her boobs, her soul, and her wanton needs at this very moment was most important suddenly.
Twenty four and single she had no boyfriend to gratify her needs lately. She began relying on her creative genius to put her in another world, a world of sexual fantasy and pleasure, and a world far away from work and others. It was a world free of stress, people and responsibilities of any kind. Juliana was always a sweet and pretty girl but she was the first to put on the curves too. She was the first to develop boobs with cleavage.
Now older and curvier, her big buxom frame was more desirable, more limber, and sufficiently ample for all men’s eyes. Many loved her sexier frame but never admitted it. Along with warm brown eyes, she never allowed her size to get in the way of loving and desiring and desiring another person nor what others thought of her. She never took prejudice towards others and especially never would she say no to a good day of great sex. Unless of course she started ovulating like she was because something had to be done immediately. Ridding herself of the deep-rooted feelings now overwhelming her was all that mattered and at this point she was hornier then ever.
“Huh…what?” she said turning abruptly in her chair. He had asked what was going on, if anything was wrong. She blinked her eyes sharply. She shook her head and refocused her attention. She looked at him. God, was he a stud, she thought. He looked down at her, her cleavage opening up as it ascended from inside her scoop neck top. His eyes, first piercing hers, looked down into her “valley of desire” otherwise known as her overabundant cleavage hadn’t ruined her chances of getting out of there. She looked quizzically at him. He finally was suspicious of what she was doing. She knew she was guilty for not working but he had no real evidence either. She had to lie. “Oh, I’m sorry Jeff… I uhhh…I just got this…this call…umm…from my mom.” The lie had begun.
He knew better. He knew something was up. He’d heard some rumors, but had dispelled them. It wasn’t his place to call her out on them, plus they involved “personal” issues. Tall, great looking, and carrying a bigger framed physique her boss was a former high school defensive back about 11 years back. He dated, often enough, but at the moment like her, he was single. Good at reading people, especially women, he has three sisters which only made understanding her a little easier. He smiled and winked but quietly and abruptly said with a nod towards his office, “In my office…now! ”
Still rumbling and aching deep beneath the flesh, she got up and headed for his office, watching his solid ass all the way towards his office. Almost everyone leaned out and watched them walk away. Inside, he closed his door. She sat down. She looked around his office. Two computers, a couch, two chairs, paintings the room was warm and com comfortable. He sat down and faced her. He didn’t say a word. His eyes drifted. Oops, he looked at them. He looked at her opulent tits and…and ohhh, her river of flesh streaming from within and between her tits. It made her feel good he had looked. He felt uncom comfortable he made the gaffe of looking at them. Silence filled the office.
Finally, “What is the problem?” he said. She fidgeted. He looked at her.
“Like I told you Jeff, my mom called. She has some problems and I was trying to help her with them.”
Silence as he read her face. Wow, she’s good he told himself. He read her eyes. “What do you need, Juliana to keep you here…keep you here working?” he asked. She had no idea how to answer it. They were nowhere near anyone else. She had also seen what looked like a digital camera on a tripod. Why would he need that? Maybe they left it here, she thought. Inside she was smiling. She told him she needed to make a couple personal calls. It would take about thirty minutes, or so. She could even work over if need be. He looked at her. He nodded his head. Suddenly, to her benefit, his phone rang. “Yes, ” he replied to whoever called. “Yes sir” he answered. “I know, yes sir…Yes, I’ll be there in a couple minutes.” He looked up. I’ve got to go to the front office. Use my phone…but do not touch these computers…you hear me! ”
The thumping and aching returned as swiftly as he walked out. He closed the door. She locked it. But then went back to her desk and grabbed her large purse. She closed and locked his door and sat down on the large comfy couch. She felt the aches and pangs deep within the core, the vortex of her emotional insurgence. Soon enough two hands touched and felt her two large soft boobs. She took in a deep breath of air as her head fell backward. “Mmmmmm ahhhhhhh” she said quietly. She rubbed her large breasts again. Her hands descended upon her thick undulating tummy. Again “mmmmm ahhhhhhh, touch me” she said, “touch me all over.” She stretched out and spread her legs apart. Her hands steered towards her cunt, but veered first towards the insides of her thighs. She knew what she wanted as she caressed the innards of her thighs.
First, she undid her slacks then unzipped and pulled them down exposing her sexy swelling thighs. Her eyes closed, she caressed them more. Taking in deeper breaths she imagined an anonymous person making sex, making love to her and her body. “Ohhh yes, oh yes” she said as quiet as a mouse while imagining some anonymous person doing her thighs. Breathing deeper and heavier, her chest and tits swelled with air. She was lost in her fantasy while she worked on building up to masturbating.
“We’re done here” his boss said and the guy stood up. Jeff asked to use his office to make a couple calls. “Can’t use your own?” his boss said.
He explained. The boss said okay and Jeff waited a minute. The coast was clear. Jeff went into the system, found what he was looking for, and tuned in the monitor the specific channel. “Oh shit!” he exclaimed. He watched. Partially naked, he saw her. Juliana’s slacks were off. He watched her as leaned back against the back of the couch and rubbed her thighs, and her cunt. Her underwear were still on. He zoomed in closer. Watching her rub her thighs and pussy, another hand ascended towards her tits. The top was still on too. “God, what a body” he said aloud. “Fuck” he announced, feeling his cock tingle and form an erection. He rubbed his crotch. It felt better. He felt better.
“Ohhh Jeff…kiss them…kiss my thighs” she said by chance.
She had to picture someone. He was as good as any. So was Tyler, her coworker, but she picked Jeff. She was entirely lost in her fantasy. The top, having been lifted, showed a magnificent looking bra. He saw it on the monitor in the other building. He looked at her, her tits, and rubbed his crotch some more. This was becoming an entertaining day as she rubbed her bra, her tits. The top came up over her head exposing more of her alabaster flesh. Her body was filled with surging and inviting bends. In, out, and up and down she flowed like rivers in the mountains. Beauty at its best and he felt the warmth by watching her feel and rub her sexy limbs and other desirables.
Finally she lowered it, turning it around, and undid it. He looked and moaned like a man. They were plush and wholesome and someone needed to pay them attention, pay them all the respect they deserved- Jeff. Flowers, wine, and beer too, he asked himself. I’ll find her address. I’ll stop by unannounced. I’ll be a gentleman. I’ll make love to her tonight, hopefully he considered. She had stripped naked, lying horizontally with only her panties covering the one of her best assets of all. Her body had become a temple. He had cleared everything on the computer. He had switched out of what he was watching. He stood and started back. He wondered and he hoped he’d catch her in the act.
“Oh…ohhh…eeeehh…ohhhhhhh yes…yes, ” she called out as she plunged and continued to plunge the ridged dildo deep inside as she moved it about her swollen cunt. Her back arched higher off the couch as her ass came off it too. Coming closer and closer to her desired goal of orgasm, she voice rose too. Her breathing was out of control. “Eeeehh ahhhh, eeeehh ahhhh…ohhh ahhhh, ooohh ahhhh…eeeehh ooohh ahhhh” she muttered while coming closer and closer. Her body tensed up. Her flesh pulled together. Every jiggling and aching portion of her prepared itself for the ultimate end of exploding orgasm. She’d never done it here and doing it here, doing it in her boss’ office was even more thrilling. Tensing up she was nearer, almost there. Her ass rose again off his couch. He entered the building, seventy plus yards away. “Oh yeah” she called out. “Yes oh…oh yes, yes…yes” she cried out, almost about to orgasm.
She couldn’t have heard it. She didn’t hear it. He couldn’t open it up, yet? It had been what, 45 minutes he thought. Lying there plugging herself with her thick long dildo, she lie naked as a jaybird on his couch. He had earlier visions from seeing her on the monitor in the other building, but had to believe she was “done.” The door opened. Her eyes were closed. She was breathing hard, breathing crazily, or that’s what it looked like to him. Her back, her body rose off the couch like an out of body experience, like she was possessed. He stood there with the door half open watching then realized what he was doing and stepped inside and closed the door.
“Ah hmm” he said clearing his throat. He did it again. And suddenly she realized her boss was back, watching her do it to herself while lying naked on his couch. With his arms crossed he told her “I don’t know what to say.” She scrambled for clothes. The orgasm dissipated instantly. “You are beautiful.” She blushed and apologized profusely. She understood the consequences. He never said she was fired. He never said never to do anything like that again during work hours. He never said one negative thing towards her actions. He still could see half her body. He didn’t see her wet luscious pussy, but imagined its glistening beauty. He smiled and winked. “At least someone is having a good day today, huh?” He waited for an answer. There was none. She was too embarrassed. He smirked. He winked. And he asked, “Need any added help with that?”
She finally apologized and turned around to put on panties, pants, bra, and her top. He loved her curving backside and her large shapely round ass too. She was redder then red and as she passed him up, she apologized again, patting her ass. “I mean it. Care for company tonight?” She stopped at the door asking if he was serious. Her eyes were lit up. He nodded and she smiled.
“Yeah, I’d love the company.” She turned and went back to work, sort of. Five o’clock couldn’t come fast enough. Soon afterward she received a call. “You mean it?” she said. Listening to the voice on the other end, she shut down her computer at lunch time. She left for the day. He was as horny as her.

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