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By Noemi S. - Oct 9, 2008 - From erotic- stories. Erotic Stories - Views - 9934 These sentences where the ones I liked: The moment had arrived – spreading me open, helmet shaped throbbing head breached the aperture of my cavern, gliding in ever so gently, expanding my pussy wider as it sought entrance. He pushed in ever so slowly.
This a true story involving me personally and I get wet just thinking about it, so I hope you enjoy it as well. If you like my story write me by way of KELIANIX GMAIL KELIANIX GMAIL love to chat with you about my story – Tell me how you liked it.
I live in Puerto Rico with my husband and two little kids. I am very attractive and have long brown hair and eyes and I’m only 4’11” tall but tightly packed if you know what I mean weighing only 107 pounds.
I have been married for 9 years now, sex has tapered off from my husband and my vagina needed more than a quickie occasionally. I know we have 2 kids, but that doesn’t change my attitude toward sex and it is more quickies now than ever. I needed some pleasurable intercourse. I love a good wild fuck and I wasn’t really getting that at home.
We moved from one house to another in which, now, I have access to the Internet. I spend my days alone with my kids. Husband working all the time and never paying much attention to me. Nights are long and totally devoid of sex.
It all started on December 24, 2007 by chatting with guys and just talking to pass the time. I was really bored with my lot in life and asked myself
“Is this all there is”?
When I met my first lover we just talked on the Internet about different subjects at first but it eventually turned to sex talk and then sex became the primary subject. It really turned me on a lot. I loved it. I wasn’t getting any sex at home but this filled the bill to a certain point.
Oh God! How he got me horny just by saying he had his hard cock in his hand, and that I should see it. I told him he should see my vagina, but at that time we did not have a Web-Cam so we only envisioned by our typed words. I created in my mind, him lying there with his hand surrounding his stiff penis. I slouched back in my chair, my fingers in my split kneading my button tenderly while we chatted. He dreamed of me touching and toying with my vagina. The sopping wet slit just oozing love juice on my fingers.
While he typed, I fondled myself and experienced the passion awakening in my loins, everlasting minutes of absolute delight spread through my vagina and I had never-ending orgasms, too. My fingers manipulated the core of my dripping opening, Up and down, then circular strokes, contacting my clitoris gently, then stoking endlessly until I experienced the delight spread in my thighs over and over again as my orgasms rapidly gushed out of me. He sensed my orgasm expanding and helped me through it tenderly, talking, sighing with me as I drained the entire pent up craving.
I would get pictures for him of my drenched pussy with the love juice dripping out and send them to him; he did the same for me, revealing to me his unyielding penis. God, that was wonderful. I loved to gaze at his penis and wanted it in me so much. My vagina felt alive again. Wet and warm to the touch, I was really feeling the need for even more than I was getting here on the Internet.
Later after I got our Web-Cam we even made videos masturbating. I loved to watch him as he shot his load in front of the camera. My vagina flexed as I shot out juices with the camera rolling and I loved it. He would tell me what he felt and I would tell him my inner thought as well.
We continued this affair by Internet for over 3 months. I was trembling and craved some cock so bad I could climb the walls sometime. When he was not online, I had also contacted another guy on the Internet who became my alternate lover. We met in January on the Internet. Man, I had to have sex! It was getting to be too much for me to handle. I was obsessed with getting a penis in me, anyone’s penis as long as it was hard and long.
Eventually this second Internet lover became the first man I would eventually go to bed with. We did the same as I had with the first guy, but we only talked no photos, and having verbal sex by Internet. But our conversations were lengthier and more sexually oriented.
He would tell me what he would do with me if he ever got me to bed He would tell me that he would thrust his penis in me hard, then at other times just slowly wallow inside my vagina, he would stroke my nipples and breasts, while touching my breasts and licking them, while sucking on the nipples, said he would slide his penis in me as deep as possible then slip it in and out gently.
God! That got me so wet I would scream. It even got to the point that I stopped using panties around the house. I knew I really wanted a good cock by this time. The photos and Web-Cam weren’t enough for sure but they did help some.
My vagina was really inflamed now, and not having something to lighten the craze I didn’t know what I would do. Inflamed, aching for the touch, lacking sex – craving sex, I really needed some sexual relief and I knew it had to be soon. My husband wasn’t doing it for me so I was looking elsewhere. Developing inside my vagina was this ultimate sexual passion I needed to have released or I just knew I would explode.
The second man I chatted with in the chat room had talked to me a lot. We had more love encounters by the Internet than any of the others. He was the one - I knew it. I could feel it rising inside me ever time we talked. We never traded photos or Web Cam, so I was in for a big surprise – a BIG surprise.
Many hours we spent enticing and tempting each other sexually. We would talk on the telephone and our love making got to the point we knew we had to have a coming together and it had to be soon.
I would tell him I was going to suck his penis soft and gently pass my hands through his legs then suck him hard. While he told me he was going to suck my pussy, touch my breasts treat me like my husband has never treated me. I needed that and bad.
As I read his words I was always in a continuous state of horny. Sometimes as I started touching my vagina and getting myself all wet he would talk to me getting me even more aroused. One day as I was caressing myself very gently inside my vagina, I began stroking with one finger, then opening my lips and caressing myself even more. I would put one finger in take it out and lick my own juice. God! That excited me. He told me to put in two fingers, I did. Then three.
Once he had me so wet with his words I easily put 4 fingers in then started stroking myself hard, pushing in and out rapidly, soon I felt my orgasm rising, I felt it coming, as best I could. I typed to him every time I was going to orgasm and he would tell me,
“Yeah come for me, baby”
I would come right at that moment causing my head to pulsate, my heart beating hard and fast, so fast I thought it would come out of my chest.
We agreed this had to come to a high point and we had to meet soon. Well, we planned for us to meet, cause we were way too horny. So we had to now, put these words into action and soon. We wanted to see how much action we could handle in person. So we planned where to meet, and set the day and hour.
The week before we had planned to meet I did not have sex with my husband, but a few nights before I had planned to meet him my husband wanted a “Quickie” so we did. But not having sex for a while I wanted to be tight for my lover. This will later prove to be not necessary.
The night before we were to meet I slept very well and was very wet all night, just anticipating what would happen. The day came and I was preparing myself with a little make-up, let my hair down, put on some soft perfume. I was totally calm, composed, and acting natural.The day arrived and I made it on time. I shook with anticipation. My pussy ready to take whatever he decided to do to it. He called me 10 minutes after I got there, I told him where I was, and he drove up. He lives close by to where he picked me up and it didn’t take him long to arrive.
My sister took the kids for the day and I told her I was going to go to the Gynecologist – in a way I was. She drove me to the parking lot we were supposed to meet. I knew the motel “La Roca Studios” was only 15 minutes away. It was March 18th, 2008 and it was going to be a beautiful day in a lot of ways.
I saw his car, and he parked, picked me up. I was wearing a mini skirt, with g-string below and a soft blouse. He had on a polo shirt and jeans. He kissed me. We looked at each other and talked on the way – he was so handsome, I twitched in my seat in anticipation. He was divorced
We drove up to motel, parked and registered for the room and in we went, me to my first affair. Other than my first time in college and with my husband, this would only be the third man in my life. And this should be called an “affair” because I am a married woman.
We talked a bit when we got into the room; he embraced me ever so gently, his hands inside my arms, he kissed me gently on the forehead. His hands held me intimately and we kissed gently. I looked into his eyes, excused myself, and headed to the bathroom.
In the bathroom I removed some red lingerie I had brought for the occasion, removed my clothing, and put it on, leaving the g-string in place. It fit close to the body, but with same elasticity, the hem came up high on my thighs. I looked at myself and my mind was racing now. Was I going to do this – I had no choice now. I was here, he was here and we knew why we were here – why not?
The feelings inside me were really overpowering now the feeling of being here with him, having him doing this with me got me so wet.
I walked out of the bathroom dressed in my short negligee into his view that really thrilled him. I was caught up in the moment. As I walked out he was sitting on the edge of the bed. When he saw me he was amazed, I walked towards him, our eyes making contact all the time.
He took my hand, caressed my arm, his words to me:
“So, you’re are going to cheat on your husband. “
I smiled sheepishly and pressed close to him in response.
We kissed tenderly him touching my body, and then caressing me and running his hand down over my ass and massaging it through the thin material and pressing my ass toward him, clasping my back with his strong hands. He pulled me toward him and I was feeling our bodies locked together. I was nervous at that moment but I just forgot about everything and let him lead me. He gently laid me on the bed went on top of me, kissing my neck holding my hands and pinning them to the bed.
Slowly caressing my breasts with his mouth still with me dressed. The heat was rising I could feel our bodies were trembling. He went lower, kissing my stomach, until he reached my g-string. He removed my negligee with his chin then he took me into his arms, reached down and removed my g-string. As he did this I was already making low noises. I was already sighing and breathing harder.
He passed his hands through my thighs feeling every part of my body. His firm hands massaging and caressing my inner thighs, over my pubic hair-capped pussy, then across my belly, then back down over my mound feeling my ass again. I squirmed in supreme pleasure. I was wild with need.
I wanted it bad. I reached over and started to undress him, took loose the buttons of his shirt while we kissed, he took off his shirt. I reached for his belt managed to unbuckle it and the same for his pants. Took the zipper down, while we kissed I reached in through to his red bikini under shorts, (lucky guess of mine his favorite color).
What I felt in my hand pushed me away, it was much wider than what I have ever had. I moved away a little and told him softly’
“Please be gentle with me, it’s so big. OK?” He kissed me, looked at me and said that he would treat me softly gently. My husbands’ cock was nowhere near the size of this man; in fact I had never had anything this size in my life.
He took his pants and bikini briefs off, reached for a condom and I watched as he sheathed his sizeable arched tool inside it, rolling it full length along the shaft. He looked at me and with that he went on top of me as I lay there waiting for him, opening my legs. At this point I was holding on to the sheets, grasping for something to hold on to. I knew what I was about to feel was something I have never experienced. I was apprehensive but I really wanted it bad.
His ample tool was aiming at my tiny little fissure; I sensed it as it approached. I felt the head as it touched the hair around the wet opening of my dripping pussy lips. It was there – I knew it and I opened my legs a little wider. I think I whimpered or moaned a little when I felt its warmth against my wide-open vagina. The head throbbing against my sensitive pussy. He grasped his tool directing it to the fissure – pulsing – throbbing cock searching my slit for the opening. I felt it slipping along the gash probing – probing.
Our sex parts touching made me even more excited, I was really wet – flowing – lubricating a path for his penis. It was over in a second, I felt it spreading me, seeking entrance. I let it. He put his engorged throbbing helmet shaped head between my wet vagina lips and I shivered, waiting for the moment. I grasped the sheets again and held on.
The moment had arrived – spreading me open, helmet shaped throbbing head breached the aperture of my cavern, gliding in ever so gently, expanding my pussy wider as it sought entrance. He pushed in ever so slowly. I spread legs even more, admitting him inside, let out a sigh of pleasure more than of pain then I heard my vagina sort of “Pop” as it was getting accustomed to this new size. Deeper and deeper it dilated me, vagina lips feeling every inch as it slithered inside slowly.
I let go of my inhibitions and just enjoyed it. The head flowed deeper inside me; I felt it expanding my tunnel as it entered ever so slowly to its full depth. I felt it slide down deep into my drenched pussy – deeper – deeper. My love juices let his copious penis slide inside with little effort. It spread me wider and wider – gushes of wet juices came out of my vagina and dripped to the sheets. I lay there pushing my thighs up to meet his thrusts. As he penetrated me, he softly kissed my open mouth and I was awash in yearning.
My vagina was absolutely filled to the brim with his arduous love tool. I felt the head massage the interior tunnel of my vagina, his shaft pressing against my clitoris, sending shivers up my spine. My mind was reeling with the absolute passion I was feeling. I let him do whatever he wanted – I lay and enjoyed it. My mind was centered on his cock pulsing inside me, the absolute joy of having this man pressing harder and harder into me. I released the sheets and wrapped my arms around his back.
He was now pushing a little harder, with more rhythm. I have the feeling of my thighs being buried into the mattress with each significant thrust against me. In a while I was feeling him coming to a crescendo, in and out – in and out – pistoning my pussy with his arched cock. Breathing harder – harder. Absolute bliss feeling that powerful tool kneading my love tunnel. It wasn’t long before I felt my belly convulse and felt the orgasm rising rapidly. I gasped out softly,
“Give it to me harder. I’m coming!!” Gasping harder now.
I felt my passions rising very rapidly now - I was breathing harder, his breath was in short labored cadences. I felt him obey my request, pushed in hard and deep, once and held it there as my first orgasm came. My pussy exploded around him, writhing and sensitive to his copious cock. It felt wonderful, as all my welled up needs seemed to flow out of me. The unrelenting walls of my vagina clinched tight encasing his tool and secured his penis immersed all the way in me. He felt as I squeezed my pussy around his shaft as he sighed out loud and humped me back.
He kept on moving his mighty cock inside of me, I felt the massive tool relaxing me more and more, adjusting to his mighty member. Slipping more and more inside me - more and more. Kissing my lips - Kissing one breast while with his other hand he caressed the other. I reached up and touched his body, his nipples, and his back, clasping him by wrapping my legs around his ass, locking myself to his shifting body even tighter.
My legs wide open to welcome him deep within my vagina. More undulating motion together, the bed lurched under our mutual exchange. Cock massaging me really good now – more love juice streaming out surrounding his imbedded penis to the bed. My pussy was now very wet and submissive.
I was talking softly to him as he humped against me,
"Oh baby, it feels so good, you have made me real horny, baby”
(I'm the kind of woman that has multiple orgasms so while all this was happening I constantly have those low orgasms)
Bed shaking – balls slapping my butt on each down stroke, harder and harder. Breathing heavier, kissing me gently. More – more – more, humping slowly then fast then slow again. Slipping in and out – it went on and on. Feeling it so deep inside. I stayed at a state of continuous passion. Lust consumed me. God!! He was really fucking me the way I always wanted a man to fuck me. I thought to myself –
“Don’t stop, please don’t stop.” I was relaxing under him, taking his powerful thrusts, and enjoying my sex with him.
In a while he mutters,
“I’m coming, baby” When he says this to me and I knew he was approaching it by his actions inside me. His breathing was hard and labored.
Long stroking in and out, pussy emitting wet sounds as it slipped in and out more rapidly now, seems like his cock was growing in me with each stroke. My pussy was absolutely drenched with love juice.
I begged and whimpered in his ear,
“Wait, baby. I want to come with you.” I knew I wanted that very bad.
I pleaded, raised my thighs to meet his in and out exchange, as I really wanted him to come with me. He slowed his humping a little, breathed harder but I sensed he was willing to wait for me, holding back the inevitable and I knew he couldn’t hold much longer. I prepared myself, he continued caressing, and touching my body as my orgasm starts to rise. He kissed me soundly, it welled up again – I felt it rising I knew it was there. It was there on the edge - I knew it!
Here it was - - - Feeling it so close, I moaned in his ear,
“Now, baby, now, now, push hard, and give me your hard dick. Fuck me hard! Fuck me! ”
My orgasm explodes and immediately he commenced pumped is hard cock in me really fast and hard for a few seconds while I orgasmed around him at the same instant he comes in me violently. I felt his tender but firm arched cock pulsating inside my ravaged pussy – I felt it disgorge inside me. I trembled under him, my vagina heaved uncontrollably around his relentless shaft. His breath was harsh now and I couldn’t control my thighs as I pressed toward him. My breath was labored and heavy while I shot out my orgasm. His ejaculation was most intense and powerful than I had ever experienced, but I received it in joy. He lay on me for a time treasuring our release. I wallowed in our pleasure with his penis deep inside as it relaxed, my juices dripping out over my ass to the sheets.
We lay for a long while then he rolled off the top of me and lay by my side. We didn’t talk just luxuriated in the afterglow of sex. He stroked my hair then my back and caressed me – holding me close to him. We rested a while luxuriating in the afterglow.
I reached down, took his cock in my hands, and felt it grow. Soon he became more aroused, he started kissing me again, on the lips, then working his way to my neck. Slowly but methodically his lips were kissing my nipples and touching my entire breast. I luxuriated under his touch, my body rising and falling to his actions, my pussy getting more drenched and dripping by the second. I relished it and loved him doing this to me. It’s what I really wanted. He commenced playing with my belly button and drawing circles around it then tracing lines down my belly with his fingertips. I squirmed to his touch.
His hand caressed my legs, touched my hair-covered mound gently, then kissing my body softly, kissed around my thighs up my leg, then his lips found my knees, then he lifted up one leg and kissed me behind my knees. Now that made me moan and shiver. Licking behind my knees, kissing my legs made my whole body respond to this rich sensation. Kissing on up my leg, now to my toes – taking them in his warm mouth and sucking them. I reached a peak of sensation with this, I moaned and grunted to his touch then suddenly my vagina convulsed and I orgasmed. My little belly heaved violently as my mouth emitted a loud sigh and my entire body quivered and trembled in sheer ecstasy.
He kissed the inside of my legs, he pushed them open and I eagerly opened for him, he could do what he wished with me, working his way to my pubic hair covered mound. I felt his mouth getting closer as my first orgasm subsided a little. My love juice was still flowing out of my opening when I felt his hot mouth cover my slit and press down. He licked the love juices coming out of me, I heard and felt his hot breath in my pussy sucking. His tongue licked inside my slit, then took the clitoris into his warm mouth. His lips rolling around it gently, I felt a finger massage my clitoris gently. Searching inside my slit.
At this, I had to again seized the sheets and clutch them hard, I was beside myself in delight his tongue licking my pussy lips, inside the pubic hair and inside where my clit stood erect and tender to the touch. More and more he pleasured me, my pussy wet with juice, my vagina alive and receptive. I relaxed my grip on the sheets and just let this continue for a long time. Wet sounds coming from his actions. He fingered me some while his tongue massaged my inside love pasture. I convulsed and moved to his touch and utter heaves of shooting delight and craze shot through me. I orgasmed again.
I was beside myself with his actions, my pussy trembled – I moaned,
I looked down at him sucking on my pussy and said softly,
“I need your cock, baby” He laid back on the bed beside me, I watched as he again rolled a new condom on his pulsing shaft, and I swung my leg over his hips. I glanced at his arched hard cock flanked by my legs. It was there poised – waiting for me.
I grasped the hard throbbing tool in my hand, lifted my thighs up a little and directed it to the opening between my legs. I lowered, slowly endeavoring to squeeze his large fat cock into my wanting vagina. God! It was so thick, I knew it would be tight, but I didn’t care – I needed it bad.
It entered in very slowly while I watched the lips of my vagina bulge and puff out around its bulk as it started to disappear inside. My juices saturated the head of his cock and I observed it slowly entering. It drove me frenzied watching it spread me open again. I felt its warmth as it invaded my love sanctuary and savored its width as it sought the comfort of my sanctuary.
As his cock descended deeper and deeper on my actions, I twisted my hips in a circular manner, sinking deeper, moving in circles over it, going down – down – down harder and harder each time. I watched it, and then looked at my lover, he was in utter delight. Up and down going down and deeper each time, he reached up and squeezed my tits in front of him. He watched me moaning and panting hard, trying to fill my pussy with his shaft. His hums of pleasure drove me wilder and wilder. When I finally saw its total length inside me, I grasped his shoulders and laid my chest against his.
My thighs started reciprocating up and down dragging my vagina tunnel with the full length of his cock, receiving his tool at my bidding. In a few minutes, I sat up on his cock rammed totally inside now, held his hands as our cadence and rhythm increased. I leaped up and down, feeling his tool ramming into me full length on each thrust. I was absolutely wild with passion my pussy exploded once more in this position, a pussy fart emitted out of my love cave as I reached even a second then another total orgasm. Juice rushed out of me and dripped into his pubic hair under me. Without hesitation he lifted his hips to me push up and down against me and I knew he ejaculated in me again. I collapsed on his chest in peaceful satisfaction. Thank goodness for the condom.
Wasted - utter exhaustion, we slept.
I awoke in his arms close together, I searched and found his limp cock with my hand and touched it gently. I again felt it grow; I removed the used condom and dropped it over the bed. I looked at him and he rolled over on his back as I went down his chest over his belly to his growing tool. Massaged him some and occasionally touching his hard sex member, but not really clasping it in my hands. Teasing him, making him wait. He spread his legs and I passed my hands over his chest, down slowly then took his penis in my hand. As I was holding it I thought,
“Damn it is so big! Easily 3 inches by around 6 inches. I really don’t know but it is really big.” It is a lot more than I have at home for sure.
I scooted down in bed and opened my little mouth, it entered but I wasn’t accustomed to having this size cock in my mouth – I had never sucked something this size. But, DAMN, he was good. He played and touches my little pussy while I gently sucked his cock. We had had some wine between our sessions and there were ice cubes in the glasses by the bed. He took an ice cube and pressed it against my hot pussy. I felt something I had never experienced before – cold wet pussy. He squirming under me, making noises that further excited me. I removed his dick from my mouth and pressed it against my face and across my breasts. He was fingering me rapidly and I sucking him made him reach an orgasm, shooting his sweet come into my mouth – I felt it ejaculate and I swallowed it happily. Took my mouth off his cock and he immediately went between my outstretched legs, lowered his mouth to my dripping pussy and sucked me again. I had an earsplitting orgasm while his mouth consumed my slit; I shivered violently under his touch.
As we lay back he said,
“You were wonderful – I loved every minute of it. Your pussy is wonderful. I love touching it and putting my dick in you.” Then he laid me back and we cuddled quietly for a long while.
We rested then cleaned up, got dressed and he drove me back to where he had picked me up. Gave me a very nice good bye kiss and plans were made for me to see if all went well after I got back home. In a few minutes my sister took me home with the kids, took a shower that I really needed after all that. Afterward I acted normal, cooked dinner for my husband and the rest of the day went very well.
That night I was really tired and my pussy was very sore, my legs felt heavy. My lover big cock had done a number on me. My pussy had been totally ravaged and I knew it and loved it.
That night my husband said he wanted sex, “Oh my God!” So as a good dutiful wife I pleased him – It was his usual “Quickie” thank God.
The next morning I could barely walk, I was so very sore. I had never been fucked like that before my lover; my thighs felt they had been run over by a truck. I faked a headache and lay down on the couch almost all day. My husband went to work, so I got on the Internet and looked for my lover.
We chatted for a while and I told him everything was OK in the house and nobody noticed anything. We have kept our friendship and making love on the Internet till this day
Look for a follow up on this story soon. There’s a lot more to come believe me.

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