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By - Jul 31, 2008 - From incest_taboo. Incest and Taboo - Views - 95913 I have a 18 yr old stepdaughter. I married her dad 2 yrs ago. We've always gotten along famously but last week we got even closer...I had had a baby about 3 months ago and needed to spend some time with her more. Amanda is her name. We frequently shopped and went to lunch etc.. we spent alot of time together because her dad traveled alot. One night, we ended up on my bed watching tv- we were chatting and flipping channels when she decided to pop in a video... she turned on the dvd- and embarrassingly enough a porn popped up. her dad and I watch it once in a while! she giggled while it played- "What's this?" she asked. I said, "oh hon, your dad and I watch it every once in a while for fun!" She said "can we watch it for fun?" Nervously I said I didn't think that would be a good thing- she disagreed and let it play. She moved back to the bed and settled in. The movie was a girl-guy-girl flick and I was embarrassed. Her dad and I swung for a bit and it was fun- but now we just watched it. Amanda watched- mouth open as the two women were taking turns riding their male partners cock and face. She giggled at the size of his big cock and laughed about the girls moaning. She said "that looks like it hurts!" After awhile, the girls began to play with each other while the guy watched.When it got to that part- Amanda leaned forward for a better view. She asked me if I'd ever been with another woman- I said yes I had. She asked me if it was fun and if women "tasted good". I answered yes and yes. She said she wondered if she would taste good to another woman... and promptly fingered herself- then tasted her pussy juice. I almost died. Amanda stripped.I was shocked at her big tits and tiny shaved pussy. She said "i taste GREAT". and began rubbing and tasting. I watched her- embarrassed and enthralled" She told me to try it... So I did. I dove in and lapped up all the cunt juice she had made- she was soaked and must have been turned on the whole movie... she moaned and at first was startled and pushed my head away. I wrapped my hands around her hips and held my head in. She was saying no but grinding into my face... it was so hot. her tight young hole was loving it. I tongued her pussy till she quaked with orgasm.
I wanted her to service me next. she was like a zombie after her orgasm... i pulled my shirt up and popped my big tit out and grabbed her head.. she pulled away but I forced my nipple into her mouth-she hungrily latched on... she suckled away... lapping up the breast milk that came out. she was startled at it but kept going. My breasts had been engorged and a good sucking is what they needed! she lapped up my milk just like a baby... it was hot. my pussy was quaking. I pulled off my panties while she suckled. She couldnt get enough of my nipples and milk- i pulled her head away... she licked her lips and I directed her to my cunt.
she dove in like a hungry little bitch and licked and lapped. She stopped and asked if she ate me better than her dad did- i said oh yes- and she did...she said she had had practice- I asked with who and she said her dad--- I was shocked! she moaned her dad had taught her to suck dick and had been eating her pussy for a yr- she said she learned what she liked from that and was using it on me... I was shocked but so horny i didn't care as she ate and ate. she also told me her dad had told her to please me when he was away and couldnt! that was so hot. Amanda was slurping away- making me cum. then she stuck her nipple in my mouth and made me suck it... I was eager to..then she began to ride my face. Her tasty cunt dripped into my mouth as she moved to 69 me--- we ate each other alllll night.

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