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Split Personality

Split Personality

By Page Up - Jan 8, 2008 - From group-sex- stories. Group sex stories - Views - 6552 Hi, my name is Roger, and I would like to share with you a very exciting experience I had recently with my mates; Jethro, Phil and Gareth. We were working as builders at the time, renovating a listed building used by a firm of Accountants. We had not been there long before Sue, the pretty young receptionist who worked there caught our eye. She was a petite, nineteen year old brunette, with radiant green eyes and shortly bobbed hair. Always immaculately dressed, she moved with a refined grace that would make you believe she was born in high heels. We immediately put her down as a prim, well-bred young lady who wouldn't look twice at chubby forty year old guys like us, and we soon started to refer to her as "that posh bird".
After a few weeks though, we soon discovered that despite her sophisticated and haughty air, she was in fact a very friendly and popular girl who was adored by all. We once arrived at the office on her birthday to find it festooned by cards and flowers brought by well-wishers of all ages. "Christ, anyone'd think she was the fucking Queen!" Jethro complained. One elderly lady in particular collared us for a good ten minutes as she was leaving to explain to us what a sweet thing Sue was, and how proud her family was of her for earning a living even though they were very wealthy, "Oh she's a lovely girl! such a lovely girl" she kept saying. "Yeah, I'd certainly like to give her one" Gareth sniggered as she left.
We weren't the only ones gawping at her of course, and we often amused ourselves by studying the effect she had on other male visitors to the office as they stood transfixed by her flower like beauty. Sometimes, especially the younger ones, she'd turn into stuttering fools. What tickled us though, was that when they were in this gibbering state, Sue addressed them as a nursery teacher would a child; cooing at them as they looked at her shyly: "Do you want a cup of coffee...? no..? are you sure..?"
Happily, she'd often stop to chat with us, her lilting and melodious voice giving the illusion she spoke in barely a whisper, but with perfect pronunciation like hers she could have been on the telly reading the news. We were soon using any opportunity we could for a bit of innocent flirting, and could only dream of what it would be like to have her.
One day, we had been asked to work during the weekend, and after being puzzled by the approaching clip- clopping of a high-heeled visitor, were suprised to find the object of our lust sweeping through the door, radiant in a gently swaying full length blue velvet dress. "It's only little me!" she smiled, as the room filled with her heady, feminine scent. She spoke the words in that playful coquettish voice she sometimes teased us with, and it always got our loins twitching.
She'd just dropped in to pick up papers for delivery to a client, and as we chatted her glowing presence soon had its usual effect on us. We crowded around her to drink her in, a slight sense of competition starting to develop between us, and as the conversation continued I couldn't help noticing how slight Sue was as our stocky forms towered over her fragile frame. We were just planning to stop for a spot of lunch at a nearby pub, so Jethro suggested Sue join us, and she readily agreed.
Once at the pub, we immediately started to enjoy ourselves, and soon the many drinks we had consumed were starting to loosen our inhibitions. I took the time to admire our fragrant prey at close quarters; Sue had a cute, pert nose in the centre of her pretty, delicate face, an exquisite, slender figure, and sat very modestly; legs crossed with the toes of her red court shoes peeping demurely from under the hem of her royal blue velvet dress. Only an elegant ankle shod in cream coloured nylon hinted at what lay beneath her skirts. Her soft dark hair was neatly cropped in a waif-like bob, and a pair of pearl drop earings swayed gently from each of her elfin ears. As usual she wore her favourite shade of rose coloured lipstick, I had peeked into her handbag earlier as she'd taken out her cigarettes and noticed it was by Christian Dior.
My gaze was soon disturbed however, as I realised the subject had at long last turned to sex. This was a topic Sue appeared to be suprisingly com comfortable with, and we were soon shocked to hear her describe experiences she'd had on a recent Club 18-30 holiday as she sipped her dry white wine. My mates and I looked at eachother in a mixture of suprise and delight, as it slowly dawned on us that far from being a chaste little princess, Sue was a promiscuous tramp with the morals of an alley cat. She know full well her effect on the opposite sex, and had used this to increase her skills as a courtesan beyond others of her tender age. Our confidence grew even more as she described her preference for older men.
"I'm fed up of boys my age fumbling at me with no imagination" she grumbled.
Jethro, who had had always been the cheekiest of us, didn't want to waste the opportunity; "How would you feel about a fivesome with some experienced old hands like us?" he grinned.
"Well you may be old hands, but I don't know how experienced you are do I?" she beamed, looking around the table playfully.
Phil winked at me, and I started to feel very confident about our chances of having our way with this little lady, "Come on then Sue, you've got to give us a chance to prove it to you" he urged.
She grinned back at him then stubbed out her lipstick stained cigarette "Well, if all of you are offering to satisfy my curiosity..."
Gareth nudged me, and we took the cue to down our drinks and leave.
During the short drive back in the car, Sue quickly got a mauling from Phil and Gareth on the backseat, her diminutive form looking like it was being molested by a couple of giants. Both of them were taking it in turns to push their tongues down her throat, and as Gareth groped her breasts, Phil had his hand up her dress and inside the waistband of her cream coloured tights. Jethro, sitting next to me as I drove gave a running commentary, "bloody hell - no knickers!" he laughed.
By the time we had arrived back at the office, Jethro thought it best to make a confession for us all. "Look darling, we've all been gawping at you for such a long time, we're likely to shoot our bolts within coming six inches of you".
Sue grinned cheekily, "well, I think I can do something about that!", and then suggested prolonging our pleasure by first bringing us all off quickly with her mouth. We looked at eachother hardly believing our ears as her dulcet feminine tones enunciated her unblushing proposal. Better still, I was going to be first and quickly unfastened my trousers.
Sue sank gracefully to the floor, kneeling in the luxuriant material of her dress as it gathered around her, then gently held my throbbing member in her slim fingers. I gasped at the sudden reality of my huge gnarled cock inches away from her pretty face.
Sue paused at my exclamation, then looked up at me coyly. "My, you have been looking forward to this haven't you?" she said impishly. Her soft hand then guided my erection between the painted lips of her warm, wet mouth.
It didn't take long for her flicking tonque and lips to work their magic, and as her pretty green eyes twinkled demurely up at me, I rewarded her efforts with a mouthful of hot, salty sperm.
"I'm a good little cock-sucker aren't I?" she purred after casually swallowing my fizzing load. She was using her teasing coquettish voice again, and turned to my waiting pals to flash her eyelashes in mock innocence.
Already naked from the waist down, they needed little encouragement, and quickly took it in turns to receive the same service. When she had finished, each of our cocks had gained a neat ring of pink lipstick to indicate that we had used Sue's slender throat as a sewer for our scalding seed.
"Christ! She looks like an angel but sucks like a tuppeny whore!" Jethro exclaimed as he shot the remnants of his throw down her gullet.
"I've had plenty of practice!" Sue chuckled after removing his drooling, purple helmet from her dainty mouth.
"I want to see what's between your legs now", Gareth then added eagerly.
Sue grinned in agreement, and rose back up on her heels, her dress swishing gently as she turned to make some space on one of the desks before leaning over it. Gareth positioned himself behind her, penis jutting proud from his hairy belly in readiness for their coital coupling, and Sue then pulled the skirt of her blue velvet dress above her svelte waist. Her tights were the expensive kind which had the maker's name "Charnos" woven into the material of the waistband, and the smoothness and colour of them bestowed on her an alabaster translucence from her midriff downwards. Gareth, trembling, pulled them down to expose her pubis. He then nuzzled his engorged cock between the soft pink petals of her vagina, letting out a slight moan at the first kiss of their flesh, and slowly pushed the tip inside. His stem bent slightly against the taughtness of her young organ, and all of us jealously noted the look of ecstasy that came over his face as he experienced the intimacy of Sue's warm interior.
We watched Sue and Gareth's gentle love-making with growing envy, until Jethro ran out of patience and jumped onto the desk to guide his enormous knob back inside Sue's willing mouth. Minutes later, he was still frustrated and persuaded Gareth to swap holes.
After waiting patiently for Jethro and Gareth to take a break, my turn finally arrived and Sue was now on her back, legs high in the air, her red court shoes waving above her in a very unladylike manner. She still had not removed any of her clothing, and I pushed my cock into her vagina through a tear in the gusset of her tights that Jethro had made earlier after she had pulled them back up to her waist. I pulled myself more fully on top of her, so I could feel her warm breath against my cheek - which smelt of a strange cocktail of toothpaste and sperm with a hint of cigarette smoke - and savour the delicious tightness of her vagina as I wormed my cock further inside her young, wriggling body. She wrapped her slender limbs around me in what felt strangely like an embrace of genuine affection, and I felt the narrow, gossamer walls of her slippery tunnel constrict around my penis in encouragement. I was suddenly aware of a stabbing pang of jealousy for any man who may have been, or will be, loved by her.
I'd had Sue to myself as the others - now com completely naked - looked on wanking, but after a while Phil asked if he could have his turn, and I reluctantly obliged.
He moved Sue to the floor, and was soon fucking her very hard doggie style. We looked on at his hairy arse slapping away over her slight frame for quite sometime before he paused to make a request.
"Christ! this is the best little crevice I've ever squeezed myself into...please, please, please, can I come inside it?" he begged.
She barely gave it a thought, "Do what you like, I'm on the pill" She shrugged.
Phil's arse immediatley went into overdrive and very shortly he stopped dead and began to grimace, indicating what appeared to be an extremely violent ejaculation. Considering it was the second time he had come, the amount of semen Phil pumped into Sue's womb was enormous, and it now began to leak from her cervix and down her shapely nyloned leg. Her eggs had certainly had a good dousing.
Sue looked back to us as Phil uncoupled from her and laughed, "Why don't you give my pussy a rest? I've got more than two holes you know!"
Jethro immediatley got the message, "I'll give this little slut what she wants!" he said lustily, and roughly bent her over again.
After ripping a larger hole in the smooth-knit material of her tights, he positioned the raging purple head of his penis against Sue's tiny pink arsehole and pushed inwards. I noticed a smear of Sue's lipstick about half way down his stem and watched its progress as Jethro worked hard to loosen her tight sphincter. Sue, displaying her skill at buggery, nonchalantly placed her hands on her sheer encased buttocks and arched her back towards him, both emphasizing the shape of her pert bottom and allowing jethro maximum leverage for his meat to push against. Now, the smudge of pink was disappearing repeatedly into her dilated rectum and Jethro, grunting, increased his rhythm. She looked up at me and giggled as he began hammering her stretched anus, and I rested my hand on her silky hair as once more she lowered her hard-working mouth onto my glans.
This time I was able to savour what an expert cock-sucker she was, relishing the little wafts of perfume creeping up to my nostrils in time with her gently bobbing head, and enjoying her habit of occasionally removing my inflamed penis from her mouth so she could explore its glistening eye with the tip of her tongue. I ceased my stroking of her soft hair, and pushed my hands down her dress and into her bra until I felt the tiny buds of her nipples.
After Sue had been pleasuring Jethro and myself for a time, she noticed Gareth wanking as he watched us.
"Oh! I'd forgotten all about you" she cooed, and indicated her desire for us all to re-position.
She stood back up onto her heels again and released the skirt of her dress, her body covered com completely once more by the swaying velvet. She still appeared to be as fresh as a daisy, and could have walked straight back into the High Street with no one the wiser that she had been sodomized only a few moments before. She spoiled the illusion somewhat though, as she removed an errant pubic hair from her mouth. She then paused thoughtfully, her pretty face screwed up in an expression of seriousness as she weighed up her next move.
"Hmm...I want to know what three cocks feel like" she decided. Then, after winking at Jethro and myself, she pushed Gareth backwards onto the desk.
Quickly, she kicked off her shoes and dress so she was now only wearing her pale blue bra and tights, and climbed on top of Gareth, facing him. Then, reaching behind with her feminine hand - tiny and pale against his reddened erection - Sue slipped Gareth inside her. Jethro and I were happy to help her fulfill her shameless ambition, and as Jethro stuffed his angry cock in Sue's mouth, I mounted the table to fuck the only other available entrance into her cozy inards. It was a bit tricky arranging ourselves into position at first, but soon I had pulled Sue's firm buttocks apart and eased myself into her slurping anus. Gareth had also by now removed her bra, and was cupping her small white breasts in his grubby hands. It took fifteen minutes for us to learn how to work together as a team, and a sort time after we decided to swap around again.
Sue was now on her back on top of Gareth, so he could give her a buggering, while I got another poke of her vagina. Jethro was happy to continue getting head. "I've tried all three of this little slut's holes and this is my favourite!" he boasted loudly.
By this time, Sue's once prim slit was now a ruddy, sodden gash, and this loss of elasticity combined with my raging lust led me to resort to violent thrusts to attain my pleasure. Grabbing her stockinged feet by the ankles, I pushed her legs as far as I could behind her head to allow deeper access inside her. Each of my quickening thrusts now hammered my cock against the neck of her womb, and I strained harder each time against her tortured cervix to gain entry into her uterus. Phil's flexing trunk was also busy murdering Sue's slackended rectum, and Jethro clenched firmly onto her head with both hands, to give Sue's tonsils a battering with long, furious thrusts that took his penis far down her throat. For the next ten minutes the three of us grunted and moaned as we mercilessly speared her young, quivering body.
"Blimey, I don't think I'll be able to sit down for week!" Sue squealed, as her lovers eventually dismounted.
"Look what you've done to me!" she then chuckled, fingering her bruised rectum and inspecting the raw gaping hole that used to be her vagina through the ripped fabric of her tights.
Meanwhile, as Sue was getting down from the desk, I had removed her lipstick from her handbag and passed it to her "Come on Sue, sort yourself out - you look a mess!" the guys loved this, and roared with laughter as Sue re-applied the colour to her lips.
We were now bursting to empty our swollen testicles, and we all knew where it was going. "I want to see that pretty face of yours dripping in jizz Susie" Jethro said, and we all nodded in agreement.
Sue cocked her head onto her shoulder, smiling. "Oww, you're so sweet" - that voice again!
She kneeled in front of us in preparation for her final act of disgrace, now naked but for her torn and stained tights. Her de-robed state seemed to diminish her even more, so she that gave the impression she was some sort of amorous supernatural creature, a sprite or fairy queen.
"I want to see some swimming around in your mouth as well though you cheap slut" Gareth sneered.
"Mmm, that would be lovely" Sue said brightly, and consented by opening wide.
Very shortly, after some feverish wanking from the three of us, we roared in lustful triumph as Sue got her reward, and thick ribbons of sticky white semen shot endlessy again and again into her adorable face from all directions. She winced as her lovely green eyes became bloodshot from aimed jets of stinging sperm, and as the onslaught continued Sue was gradually squinting beneath a glassy mask of our seed. Her mouth was also filling with our combined ejaculate, the forceful squirts making an audible squishing sound as they added to the brimming fluid. Sue now began to giggle, the movement causing a thick string of sperm to form from the reservoir on her face, swaying as it lengthened from her chin and slowly curled into her breast. As we finished, a final glutinous dollop fell across her soft hair, its weight bouncing on the gentle springiness of her immaculate bob before gaining speed on the silken surface and sliding off onto her shoulder.
As we stood gloating over our successful ravishing of this gorgeous little lady, and squeezed our last drops of spunk into her pink lipped, open mouth, we noticed the re-appearance of Phil. He had recovered from the exertions of fertilizing Sue's womb earlier, and managed to produce a small discharge of sperm from his aching balls which She caught on her glistening tongue. Her mouth was now awash with our filthy gloop, and the room was filling from the pungent stink of it.
"Mmmm" Sue enthused, casually swilling the thick, briney soup of microscopic life around her mouth before swallowing, "I did learn something today".
So did I, and a slight pang of regret and sadness came over me; that a girl as adored as this could be so com completely without virtue.
I quickly dispelled that miserable thought - after all, it was still better to enjoy the world the way it was, and we spent our last few moments with Sue rubbing our cocks over her slippery face until every trace of semen had been absorbed into her soft skin.

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