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Great Dame In The Morning

Great Dame In the Morning

By sharon norris - Aug 25, 2008 - From erotic- stories. Erotic Stories - Views - 6852 She goes on line to find herself someone to stop that itch of desire that has begun to spread between her legs. She talks to one about his need to be pissed on to be degraded and debauched. She talks to another about his need to be tied up and made to eat the shit from her ass. She talks to another about his lust for licking of the four inch stilettos that she last wore. She talks to another about his wish for her to dawn a strap on and fuck him in the ass. She is always making promises to those she knows she will never meet up close. She is constantly searching for someone wanting to fill her need as much as she wants to fill theirs. She decides she is going to pleasure herself live on Adult FriendFinder with her vibrator (her purple boyfriend) and see if there is someone out there who will help her find away to sooth that itch that is becoming a slow burn. She knows that the people she talks to there have needs and urges just like she even though their may be differant. She tries to honor all their requests. She talks to those who want her to put her nipples in her mouth and suck. She talks to those who want her to shove her vibrator up her ass. She talks to those who want her to watch them masterbate. She talks to those who fill dinner plates with their cum and licks it off. She talks to those who want her to piss on cam. She finds noone there to quench the fire within her. The list goes on of the requests to fill their fetish.She willingly performs all that is asked of her by the young but if they are older than her she generally ignores them. That fire in her still burns.She goes to her yahoo and finds a request from a 21 year old danish guy. He wants to be added to her list. She thinks hell he will be like the others. He will only want to watch her play with herself as he strokes his cock. She thinks about his age and the distance between their countries and she thinks what the hell maybe he will at least be up when there is no one else to talk to. Days go by with no word from him and then one morning at 3am. Her computer rings and the danish guy is at the other end. The first thing he says is "Bitch, you are now my slave and you will do as i tell you or we can end this conversation and you will erase me from your yahoo." She thinks about this. Slave hmmmm. She is intrigued. She wonders what sort of slave she can be here on the internet. She knows that anything that he tells her to do she will have to do to herself on his orders. She wonders "how much damage am i willing to inflict on myself." She thinks damn his voice is hot. It is deep and sexy with the hint of an accent. She decides to play; anything to get over the fire that will not cease. He tells her to turn on her cam so that he may see her.He says "Bitch are you ready to play." She says "yes." He says "yes what. " He says, " from now on you will address me as master or not at all." She giggles. He slams his desk with his fist and blows a whistle loudly and firecely says "no giggles, whore. Who gave you permission to giggle. He says no who am i." She demurly says "you are my master and i will do as you order." He says "that is a good girl my little cum slut. You are learning well." He tells her to take off her shirt and her jeans and stand there so that he may look at her. She stands in the middle of her bedroom floor in her black bra and panties. He then tells her to get her vibrator.She is thinking great another one who wants to watch me pleasure myself by putting this thing in my pussy. She starts to do that. He says "Hold on there slut no one told you to put that there. For that i want you to take that vibrator and slap your fat tits with it. If the sound is not loud enough and you do not whimper enough you will do it again and again until i feel it is enough." She says "yes master" and limply starts to hit her right breast with it as he said. He slams his desk again. He yells, "Cunt bitch, i said for you to slap it hard. What the fuck is that? For that you will give yourself 5 swats on each breasts and i want to hear you whine and whimper or i am leaving." She is so mesmerized by his voice that she does not think about going off line she is only wanting so much to please him because she is beginning to get really wet from his wrath. She slaps them harder with the vibrator so hard that you can hear each smack thud loudly each time it makes contact with her skin. She cries out each time in pain and pleasure. She is caught up in his voice cooing how she is a good cum slave for pleasing her master this way. She listens to his voice as he counts of the number of times she has bashed her tits. Her tits are stinging and beginning to turn red from the punishment she is inflicting upon herself. Her pussy is getting wetter from the sound of his voice and from the pain that is happening to her. She starts to rub her legs together to try to satify the desire that is starting to flame. He orders her to lift her leg so that one foot is planted on the ground and the other on her bed. He then tells her to spread her pussy lips. She thinks again he is going to tell me to put that vibrator in. She reaches for it. He begins to laughs at her. He says "Bitch you are such a whore. I did not tell you to pick that up". He starts taunting her with his laughter even more. He says for that I want to slap your pussy with it. She starts to tell him it will hurt that she cannot do it. He slams his desk again and shouts "Cum slave you will do as I say".She eagerly starts to do as he says. Anything to hear that sexy soothing cooing voice again. She hates to hear her masters wrath. She wants only to hear the loving tones expressing their joy that she is a good cum slut, that she is a good girl. She does not think to ask how many times he wants her to hit her pussy she just starts to concentrate on making each slap with the vibrator hit its mark on her growing engorged fat clit. She is getting wetter and hotter with each slap. She is closes her eyes and is enjoying the sting that is starting to find its way into her loins. He is cooing in her ear telling her she is a good cum slut. "Yeah baby hit it harder ummmmm, That's my girl. Yeah baby it's ok. You can whimper don't hold back. Let your master hear your pain." He is looking into her face and he knows she is about to cum and orders her to stop.He tells her to turn around so that her ass is facing the cam. Then to remove her thong and lean over on her bed so that her ass is in the air. He tells her she is a good cum slave. That her master is proud of her for being such a good girl. She is so wet he can see the juices dripping off her engorged pussy. He knows she will allow him to tell her to inflict more pain upon herself. He knows she is his at least for now.
She is getting extremely wet now. Her juices are starting to flow between her legs. She is enjoying the time with her master very much. She is quivering with her need. He can see this. His laughter rings loud in the room. He tells her to turn her ass toward the camera and spread her cheeks so that he may view her spinkter. She starts to whine and tell him she hates to show her ass because it is so big. He slams the desk again and blows the whistle louder than before. "No whining whore. You will do as your master says. Or your master leaves." She timidly turns her ass toward the camera and leans over to begin showing him as he has directed. He tells her for her first refusal that she must be punished. He tells her to get the belt off the bed and to spank her ass with it. "be sure to make it pop loudly bitch. i want to hear yours screams." She thinks back to all the times as a child that her parents used to beat her ass and her legs and how she feared the beatings then but now she is eagerly inflicting similar pain on herself and enjoying the hell out of it. She starts to beat herself with the thin leather belt. The popping sound rings through out the room. She is biting her lip to stiffle the sound of the pain. He shouts, "bitch i said i wanted to hear your screams. For stopping them you have to smack yourself 5 more swats."She is tingling now from the pain in her ass and her cunt is aching and burning with need to be entered. She willingly takes the belt in the other hand and widely swings the belt and slams it hard against her ass. This time the pain is unbearable and she screams loudly. "That's my girl. That's my good cum slut. You make your master so happy." He purrs at her. He is enjoying seeing the red stripes form across her big bottem. He tells her. "My cum slut. I love your ass. It looks so ripe and red." He tells her to swat herself somemore. He knows she is enjoying this and needing the ass whipping very much. From the angle she has positioned herself he sees her fat, wet, dripping pussy and he is taking pleasure in viewing all the juices that are forming there. She is loving the feel of the belt as it meets its target.He tells her to spread has ass cheeks and show him her asshole now. She does as he says. He taking in the view of her little asshole. He tells her he wants her to shove her dildo in it. She is thinking how much she does not like anal sex. She hated the way her husband used to abuse those tender folds. She thinks about going offline now and ignoring him forever. He sences her hesitation. He starts telling her how proud of her and she is taking such pleasure in her approval. She is once again caught up in her need and her want to please him and her anxiety fades.She spits on her dildo and leans over the bed spreading her cheeks wider to gain access. She shoves it a little at a time into her ass. He tells her "Ummmmm. That is my good cum slut. I love to see you hurting yourself. If i were there with you my cock would be in there now instead of that. I would be punishing that ass."He tells her to shove it in harder. She is whimpering and shaking from the pain. Tears begin to form and roll onto the bed. He tells her shove harder bitch. That's right. Make it hurt you whore." She now has 4 inches of her 8 inch dildo inserted into her ass and is loudly sobbing. He tells her how much he is taking pleasure from her tears. How much he is loving her pain. He tells her he loves watching his cum slut hurt herself. He tells her to turn around now and sit on the dildo so that he may see her face. She willingly does as he says. She is openly crying now.She only wants the ordeal to be over. She is not enjoying the encounter so much anymore. He tells her to get lube and to reach back and oil the dildo up and she can enjoy it better. She does as he says. She starts grinding on her punisher taking the rest of its length into her ass. He tells her to now spread her legs and to start playing with her pussy. He wants to see her cum with that big dildo in her ass. She notices that her clit is engorged so much that it almost hurts to touch it. She quivers and tingles as she takes her fingers and fondles her clit. Pleasure begins to spread throughout her body.Her master tells her to pinch her clit. He asks her how it feels. He can tell by listening to her heavy breathing that she is really enjoying herself. He tells her to get her vibrator. She does as he says and she prepares to slap her pussy with it. He tells her "no please don't do that. My cum slut earned a reward. Put that dildo into your pussy. I want to see you cum." She does as he says. She is so wet and so hot she is burning with need by now. She inserts the didlo into her pussy. It slips in without any trouble at all. She is so horny. She starts to pump it in and out of her cunt. He tells her to do it faster.He buzzes her yahoo and she notices that there is an invitation to view his webcam. She clicks and is rewarded by the view of his hand fondling his 9 inch cock. She begins to get even wetter as she watching him stoke it from the bottom of his shaft to the tip of his cock. He tells her how he wants her to pretend that the dildo in her pussy is his and that he is pounding her pussy. She lies back on the pillows listening to the lilt of his words as they caress her ears. She closes her eyes and goes exactly that. He tells her she is a good cum slut that if he was there he would be riding her pussy and rubbing her tit. Bending his head down to bite and suck hard on her nipples. He tells her how he would take his right hand a wrap it around her throat apply the slightest pressure. He tells her to open her eyes and look at him. She sees he has moved his cam so that she may see his face. She looks into his eyes as he stokes his cock and sees the fire burning in them is so like her own. She has met a kindred spirit seeking to find release and relief from the mundane that has become his life. She knows then that she wants only to please him to be what he wants whenever he wants. He tells her how he would treat her as no one else ever had and how if he ever got the chance to be with her she would want no other. She is entralled by the look in his eyes and the sound of his voice. She is caught up in his every word. He tells her that he is going to cum and that he wants her to do the same. He tells her how proud of her he is that she has become his cum slut. That she is a good girl. He moves the cam back to where the view is once again his hand on his big hard cock. She matches the trurst of the dildo in her pussy with the strokes of his cock and they are both breathing harder and faster. She is pounding her pussy so hard now that she has the entire length of the dildo in her pussy. She does not notice. She is only caught up in the rhythem of his hand on his cock. She closes her eyes and imagines his dick is inside her. She writhes and wriggles on the dildo. She starts moaning and he knows she is going to cum soon. He tells her to open her eyes and cum with him. His cums spews high over his head and onto the floor below. Her cum spills out over her hand and onto the sheets. He tells her she is a good girl and that he must go wash up now. He thanks her for being a good cum slut and is gone.The heat in her pussy and mind are quenched for now. She can't help but wonder if there is someone who would do those things to her in person. She wishes there was. She longs for someone to take her pain and pleasure into their hands for awhile.

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