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Strawberry Blonde

Strawberry Blonde

By Michael Cep - Mar 30, 2009 - From erotic- stories. Erotic Stories - Views - 17632 I walked into my math class to find *Marissa grading papers. No one else was there, though I was sure it was the time my class usually starts. As I turned to walk out of the room she asked me a question about my project that was soon to be due. We talked for a few minutes before she asked me if I would like to go get lunch. Through all of my emotions I was able to get a yes past my barely-breathing lungs and my quick-beating heart. I’m sure my response was barely audible as my jaw seemed to lock and there was not much breath behind my word.
Marissa was far from the typical blonde. Sure, like most blondes, she was beautiful, had gorgeous eyes, and an amazing body. But to simply describe her that way would be a gross injustice. There is so much more to her.
She had a stylish haircut. One of those that you usually see in the magazines, but never actually see anyone with. Well, maybe in places where trendy people with money hang out and drink cappuccinos and talk about important things.
It is short in the back and increases in length towards her face. I’m not a hairstylist, so that is the best description I can give, but I think I can do better with the rest of the description.
Anyway, her eyes are a beautiful shade of brown. More on the lighter side, but upon close inspection, it is obvious that they are not anything but brown. Her nose is small but proportionate to her face, and has a slight bump at the middle of the bridge, only noticeable when looking at her profile. Her lips are thin but appear to be amazingly kissable. Her neck is long and slender, leading down to her soft shoulders.
Her body is amazing, but not porn star amazing, real woman amazing. She has beautiful, natural breasts, and though I’ve never seen anymore than a little bit of skin and cleavage one time when she wore a low-cut silk blouse, that was enough to tell me that I wouldn’t be disappointed if one of my daydreams ever became real. Her stomach is flat and her back is free of extra baggage. Nothing around the hips either. She has a great shape, and her butt is that of someone who does yoga or some serious aerobics.
As we walked down the hall, she grabbed my hand. I smiled, and we continued walking, down the hall and out the door into the sunshine, which seemed to be close to setting. Perhaps it was not midday after all.
We walked on a grass field, most likely a soccer field or a football field at the school. She stopped, turned to me, and kissed me, this time lingering a little bit and I could feel the sensation of her lips pulling away from mine. The feeling was almost as if they had always been there and were now, for the first time being separated.
We continued walking, we were in a neighborhood I’ve seen in my dreams before, but do not remember ever visiting in real life. We continued walking and again, she kissed me.
She decided that she did not want to eat anymore, but that she still wanted to spend time with me. We stop and kiss again. I was excited and hopeful, all the while thinking to myself that if nothing more came of the situation, it would still be an amazing memory.
As we walked down a city street lined with shops we see a building that resembled a Catholic church typical in Manhattan. It was tall and the walls were brown, with various religious sculptures set into them. We sat down, and she sat on my lap facing me and we kissed. It seems that we are the only people out on the streets at the time, although it could not have been past five p.m., but it was still winter, although towards the end, and unseasonably warm.
I didn’t see her take off her shirt but when I opened my eyes again, it was off. She was wearing a black lace bra. Her breasts were perfection as I had always imagined they would be. Obviously, I had never seen them in just a bra, but seeing her in her cute tops while teaching, I would imagine what they might look like. And my description of them after seeing more of them is still similar to the images I painted in my imagination during class and countless nights after. Her breasts are a nice size, I don’t know much about actual letter size but I’d guess they are mid B cups.
I had always watched her as she reached up to write lessons on the board. I know this may be an odd way to describe it, but when she would reach up, I would refer to her breasts as being “left to their own devices”. My usage of the word is similar to the actual usage. Basically, left to their own form, shape without the restraint of other things. In my ’experience’ I’ve noticed that there seems to be only a couple of positions where breasts are able to move freely without the restraint of the clothing or muscle. These positions allow them to move freely, even when in a bra, assuming that the bra is soft, or whatever. Again, I’m not an expert on terminology, I am more of a visual learner and when left to their own devices you can see more of the actual shape, size, and consistency of the breasts. Also, it is a good way to tell natural from fake breasts as the natural ones, when in this position, will jiggle and move with the slightest of movements, while the fake ones do not move as much and when they do they move as a solid mass. In case you can’t tell, not only do I prefer natural breasts, regardless of size, but one might even say I am borderline obsessed with their individuality and intricacies.
Anyway, I’ve watched her and I always knew that her breasts were real and amazing. I loved watching her write fast or erase lessons off of the board. The movement could be compared to small waves on a body of water: Mild at their origin, their peak towards the middle, before their roll comes to a gentle crash at the end.
So, we continued kissing and I rubbed her back and her breasts. Someone walked up the steps to go inside of the church, but they did not seem to pay any attention to us. I stood up with Marissa still in my arms and we moved farther down the street. I could tell she wanted me as much as I wanted her.
We began kissing again and this time she pulled her bra forward. I could see her hard nipples and her perfectly round , pink areolas. They were actually more amazing than I had even imagined them to be. Her nipples were a deep pink, and her nipples were perfectly round, and, because she was aroused, they were big and firm.
I began kissing her breasts and I sucked on her nipples. She moaned with what sounded like pleasure and relief. Perhaps relief of simple built up sexual desire or, perhaps, pent up sexual frustration over she and I that only I could help her release.
Though we are both adults, the same age actually, there is still the whole teacher and student relationship thing.
From the first week of class I knew I liked her, and it seemed that she liked me too. I’d notice an extra smile or look during class. After class if I was last to leave it seemed she was hoping I’d say something. When I had a question she would stand up and get closer to me than she would to others when answering questions. If I was at my desk and had a question, she would come to me even though her desk was close enough that she could have stayed at her desk and answered me. I thought that maybe she was just friendly, and thought nothing of it. Besides, rejection is one thing, but risking being kicked out of class and not graduating kept me from pursuing anything. And I’m sure for her, if she made a pass at me and I did not like it, losing her job would have been a consequence too serious to take a chance. But I guess on this day her desire overwhelmed her. I’m Glad.
I continued to suck and nibble on her breasts and nipples gently as she tilted her head back and moaned. Then she leaned forward, breathing and kissing on my neck. It turned me on so much that all I wanted to do was lay her down and kiss her all over.
We finished making out and decided to go all the way. We got a nice hotel room nearby. Luckily, it was during the week and early in the evening, so there was a room available. Motels usually always have vacancy, but this was an upscale hotel that rarely has a room available without reservations well in advance.
I got us a nice suite so we could enjoy our time together even after the love making. After all, this was not going to be a cheap thrill, but a very special moment that deserved only the finest of everything. Just like the lover I was with. She deserved only the best. We made our way up to our room not caring what the staff thought of our disheveled appearance and lack of luggage. Again, this is no motel moment, it was a special one. And in my mind I was hoping that it was not the end of an affair, but the beginning of one.
As we entered the room she went to the tray of pastry and dipped her finger into a mousse, licking it slowly and sensually from her finger. She closed her eyes. I wondered what it was she was envisioning: what we had done, or what we were going to do?
The suite had a Jacuzzi tub, a stocked mini bar, a tray of delectable pastry, whip cream and of course, chilled champagne. The bed was big and had a beautiful, soft beige comforter. It appeared to be a Down comforter, and considering that it was barely spring and on the East Coast, I was certain that it was Down.
I approached her slowly from behind and kissed her softly on her neck, placing my hands on her hips. She sighed and I felt her legs give way a bit as she turned to face me. I wrapped my arms around her just underneath her cute and firm little butt and picked her up. I then kissed her on the lips as I looked in to her eyes which were glazed and hazy, the look of a woman desiring pleasure. She tasted like lust and strawberry mousse.
I walked to the bathroom with her in my arms and then I set her on the counter. I drew us a warm bath, set the jets to start on low, and placed bubble bath and bath salts underneath the running stream of water. I then left her in the bathroom to go retrieve some of the goodies in the room and to let her relax, visualize, and anticipate what was to come. That is another form of foreplay. The pleasure is intensified when the mind maps out what it wants and the body complies.
When I returned to her I had champagne, glasses, a few desserts, (creamy ones so that we could indulge in them and each other), and one single rose. They must come with all of the rooms. There were a dozen red roses in a white vase in the middle of the suite.
She looked so relaxed that I didn’t want to disturb her. She had her eyes closed and looked as if she was asleep. She was lying back perfectly still, or so I thought, but then I saw a small wave moving gently on top of the water pulling towards her and then away. The bubble bath covered up everything going on underneath the water, but her sweet sighs gave away her secret.
She opened her eyes slowly and smiled a pleasured smile.
“Don’t think I’m going to do your job for you. I’m just getting her warmed up.” she said as the gentle wave on top of the water continued moving back and forth.
I smiled at her, pushed the cart to the edge of the tub, took off my clothes, and sat next to her in the tub. I poured her a glass of champagne and attempted to pour one for myself, when she put her hand on the bottle, telling me to put it down. She told me we would share her glass of champagne.
She then drank half of the glass in almost one gulp. Then she sat up, exposing part of her stomach and her sexy natural breasts and her aroused nipples. “Oops, ” she said.
Though I knew that she had spilled the champagne purposely. We can’t let it go to waste. I guess you’ll have to drink your champagne off of my breasts.”
I licked the champagne that went down her stomach and went up to her breasts, guiding my tongue through her cleavage all the way to her neck. Her soft delicate skin was covered in Goosebumps, some as firm as her nipples. I then began to lick the champagne from her right breast, and sucking at her nipple where some of the champagne bubbles were. Her skin was so smooth and the sheen of warm bathwater only intensified the pleasure for both Marissa and myself. My tongue just seemed to glide along smoothly as my every one of my sense was consumed with her.
I felt her move her legs and wrap them around my waist. She placed her hands on my back, rubbing and massaging gently as I then licked the champagne from her left breast. As I pulled closer to her, I could feel her warm lips on my head, her wetness a thicker consistency, but just as warm as the bathwater.
She unwrapped her legs from around my back and pushed me towards the other side of the Jacuzzi tub. She then straddled me, kissed me deeply, and lowered herself slowly, taking me in as she did. It was like a new dream beginning with every inch of me she allowed inside of her and I could tell by the expression on her face that it must have felt the same for her.
When I was fully inside of her moist vagina, feeling her smooth, tight walls pulsating around my shaft, she put her tongue in my mouth, kissing me so hard, creating suction that was so tight it felt as if there would be no way to separate our mouths. She tasted of strawberry mousse, lust, and champagne.
The sex continued in that way for what must have been twenty minutes. She would rise slowly, and lower herself down onto me just as slowly. Her pussy so tight that each time she took me back in felt like it was the first time.
I then laid her back against the wall of the tub. I pulled out of her and kissed her neck and her ears. She massaged my shaft as I did this, and I pleasured her back by massaging her warm mound. After a few moments she wrapped her legs around my back again and I entered her, only partially this time. I then pulled back and she moaned. Then, I went deeper inside of her, she moaned louder and with each moan I went a little deeper and faster, adjusting the pace and depth to her moans and sighs.
After a short time of doing this, she came, causing her muscles to clench at the climax, and then relax as the water around my pelvis became the same consistency as the sweet liquid inside of her. Her legs fell from my back and she trembled lightly.
“Take me to the bed, ” she whispered.
I grabbed a robe and put it on before grabbing another robe to wrap her in. I then picked her, carried her to the bed, and laid her down on the comforter. The beige comforter was wet where I placed her. After leaning over to place her on the bed I began to stand, but she grabbed me by my shoulders and began nibbling my ear as she whispered a request: “Cover me in the strawberry mousse. I want you to taste it.”I did as requested.
I covered her breasts and her stomach down to her navel. I then covered her legs and her thighs all the way up to the end of her inner thighs. I then started by tasting the mousse covering her breasts. The taste of the strawberry enhanced by her clean, wet skin. Her smell mixed with the mousse was pure bliss, I had to will myself not to cum yet. Not before I satisfied her again.
I licked my way down to her navel and past to her pelvic area. She had just a small strip of blondish brown hair. Other than that she was totally smooth and clean. Her lips were smooth and engorged with arousal. Just a hint of her pink inner lips were visible as I lingered there for a moment careful not touch her down there, just to tease her. Then I moved down to her thighs. She sighed in frustration but it turned to pleasure as I worked my way down to her sexy feet. I placed my mouth over the arch of her foot, stimulating the nerve endings with my mouth and tongue. Then I massaged them as I kissed her freshly bathed toes. Her polish was a metallic purple.
I also noticed the tattoo she has on her right foot. I had seen it once before in class. Actually, it was after class. Myself and another student stayed after so we could work on our reports using the computers in the classroom. I’d asked Lover a question and she came over and sat on the desk behind me. She wore sexy heels and dress pants. She sat Indian style, revealing the cute tattoo on her foot. It is a design I didn’t recognize, as I saw it only for a second. I didn’t want to stare. But I thought about the tattoo and her that night. I dreamt of kissing along the tattoo, not knowing that soon I would actually be doing it. I never thought I’d ever get to, but from that night on I knew Lover was very sexy, mysterious, and more approachable then I had thought.
Seeing the cute tattoo on her foot, I knew that she had to be cool, a girl that was a little edgy and not necessarily always one to play by the rules. Yet knowing this seemed to make me even more shy and nervous to talk to her. I’m so glad she made her move, otherwise I’d never have gotten to live my dream of kissing along her tattoo, which I know recognize as a small vine on the top of her foot.
I then licked my way up her thigh then down and back up the other. I stopped just close enough to her pussy for her to feel my breathe on her still-wet spot. My breath and her desire caused her body to react: her legs were trembling, her breathing was short and heavy. I was also affected by this, as I was getting harder looking at her beautiful, wet vagina, and smooth aroused lips surrounding a hint of pink. It was also her scent that caused me to feel my precum on my head, the cool air in the room passing over it, creating a titillating chill.
I could see that her anticipation had built up enough as she spread her legs even wider and placed her hand just above her opening. I kissed her hand and moved it away before licking her from the top of her lips to the bottom. She quivered as she placed her feet on my back. I put my mouth over her pussy, my mouth acting as a suction cup as my tongue moved in every direction with methodical speed and accuracy.
She let out a piercing scream as she had another orgasm. Her muscles clenched in her legs, as the muscles in her vagina also clenched around my tongue and she gripped my hair. The nectar of her soft, sweet peach gushed into my mouth, her legs, again, fell from my back and on to the bed as her muscles relaxed.
“It’s your turn, ” she said with the little energy she had after cumming for the second time. This time seemingly needing minutes to recover. I laid down beside her and she climbed on top of me. She leaned back on her hands wither her feet near my chest. She then began riding me, harder with each motion. I watched in pleasure and amazement as Marissa’s breasts bounced with every movement of her body. Beads of sweat rolled down to the middle of each breast to the nipple, bouncing off like a swimmer from a diving board. Some of the beads landed on her exposed abs, and some of them landed on mine. The sensation only added to the pleasure I was feeling. Her thighs too, flexed as she pushed herself up, only to drop herself back down on me. I could not believe how this gentle flower was screaming with pleasure as she pounded down on me, swallowing me into her whole with each down thrust .
She then laid down next to me and motioned for me to get on top. She put her legs on my shoulders as she pulled me inside of her, our pace as wild as when she was riding me. Her screams just as loud and her breathing just as intense.
We continued on for about a half hour, passionately kissing as I was on top of her pushing in and out of her as we both moaned pleasure in unison. My muscles started to tense as I was nearing climax, causing me to thrust into her a little faster and more deliberately. She then looked into my eyes with the same look as before, only this time it was the look of a woman not in desire of pleasure, but of a woman receiving pleasure. She grabbed my arms and told me to roll onto my back. After doing so, she moved down, kissing my chest and stomach all the way down to my pelvic area.
“I want to taste you the way you tasted me, ” she said.
The way she used her mouth on me, taking me all the way in, going up and down, and varying her pace was as pleasurable as being between the lips that are between her legs. Her tongue swirled around my shaft as her lips massaged it. The sounds she made, though a bit muffled, only added to the pleasure she was giving me.
She then used her hand along with her mouth while she looked into my eyes, heightening my pleasure, accelerating my climax, and as I got closer to climaxing my muscles tightened. She smiled at me as she felt my body ready to explode from the feeling. Finally, she put a little champagne in her mouth and took my whole cock into her mouth, and down to her throat. The sensation from the bubbles of the champagne mixed with the feeling of her mouth around me was more than I could handle. I climaxed and as I did she continued going up and down, swallowing every bit of pleasure that pumped from my body. My body was relaxed.
She took another drink of champagne, another taste of the strawberry mousse, then she kissed me softly, yet passionately, and lied down beside me. Both of our bodies were slick from a mixture of each other’s sweat and the bathwater. She placed her head next to mine, her naked breasts on my bare chest, and she put her still-sticky thighs on mine. She tasted like strawberry mousse, champagne, and a woman pleasured.
Though inspired by real desire, the events depicted in this story are com complete fiction. And though the main characters are based on real people, no real names were used. And again, though the desire is real, none of the events in this story have ever taken place between any of the characters mentioned. Any similarities to any events or to people, both living or dead, are purely coincidental.

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