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Strip Poker Sex

By Carol - Oct 19, 2006 - From group-sex- stories. Group sex stories - Views - 45769 One night as my boyfriend Mike and I lay in bed, I told him of my fantasy of doing group sex, with more than one guy, besides him. I also mentioned maybe having some bondage included, what did he think of that idea? He said he thought it would be a lot of fun, and that he bet he could talk the card players into it! He said that this coming Saturday night they would be playing cards at our house, and since they were all single, they would probably be game. Would that be too soon for me? I said I thought that would be fine. Secretly I couldn't wait for Saturday night!
I spent the next two days fantasizing about Saturday night, and what would happen to me! Things like this really turn me on! Finally Saturday night arrived and the men Jim, Larry, and Ted showed up at our house. We all went down to the basement rec. room where the card table is. Mike said that I wanted to play a few hands with them and would that be all right? Jim said, that if the stakes were interesting enough it was fine with him, the others agreed. Mike said it would be very interesting, and they said I could play. Mike, who was the dealer said the game would be blackjack, and the lowest hand would take off an article of clothing, was that all right with everyone, again they agreed. He said there would be a one-hour time limit on the game, and then we would do something else.
Mike dealt the cards, and I lost. Jim said, " well, " and I stood up and unbuttoned my blouse, and took it off, and sat back down. Mike dealt the cards again, and I lost again, I got up and took off my shorts, and sat back down. At this rate I would be the only naked person there, and game was less than ten minutes old! Mike dealt the cards again and I lost that hand also. I stood up and looking at the guys reached behind my back and unhooked my bra, letting it slide down my arms. The guys all looked at my large breasts, as I sat back down. Mike dealt the cards and I lost again. I started to slide out of my panties without getting up from the table. Ted said, "stop and stand up, then take them off." I stood up and slid my panties down over hips, exposing my blond bush, and down my legs, and kicked them off. Four losing hands in a row, and I was sitting there naked, with four men, at the card table in our basement! What a turn on this was! I was getting wet just sitting there!
Mike said that since I didn't have anything else to lose, that if I lost the next hand, the winner would get to play with my tits for two minutes! Would that be fair? I nodded my head yes, I didn't think I would lose again! Mike dealt the cards, and Jim was the winner. He told me to come over to where he sat, and I did. He told me to put my hands behind my neck, and I did, and he put a hand on each boob! He massaged my tits like this for a while before he started to play with my nipples, he soon had them standing up, and I was getting turned on! Mike said, " time was up! and if I lost again the winner of the next hand would get to play with my pussy for three minutes! "
I sat back down and Mike dealt the cards, I couldn't believe it, I lost again! Six losing hands in less than twenty minutes! Mike won this time, what did he have in store for me? He got up and came to where I was sitting, and told me to stand up. He led the way from the table a few feet and told me to turn around and face the guys. He stood behind me, and told me to spread my feet apart, and put my hands behind my neck again. I spread my feet far apart and put my hands behind my neck. He reached around me and started running his fingers over the front of my thighs. He knows this really turn me on. Mike worked his hand between my legs and parted my lower lips! He dipped his finger into my pussy, wetting it with my juices. He then found my waiting clit and started making small circles on it. I sighed, and he began to finger me in front of the guys. This was causing me to really get turned on! He asked Larry how much time was left and Larry said two and one half minutes. Mike was fingering my clit, and nibbling on my shoulder, and pretty soon he had me gasping for breath and moaning softly. I could feel an orgasm coming on and I wondered if he was going to make me come in front of the guys! I was moving my pussy against his hand, and I could tell that if he kept this up much longer, that was just what would happen! Then Larry called out, " times up, " and Mike quit fingering me and told me to go sit back down. When I returned to the table I noticed a pair of Velcro wrist cuffs in front of Ted!
Mike said that if I lost the next hand that he and the guys would get to do whatever they wanted to do to me! He said that if I wanted to quit now was the time! I said there was no way I could lose the next hand, and I was game for anything they had to offer! He dealt cards, and I couldn't believe my luck! I had lost again! This time Ted won and Mike asked him if he wanted us to go to play room. This was a room in which Mike and I played our bondage games! What was I in for? I really couldn't wait! Ted told me to stand up, and he picked up wrist cuffs, and cuffed my wrists behind my back. He then led me into the playroom, to the examination table. I wondered how he knew about it! then I remembered that Mike had said he would talk to them about my fantasy! Mike and Jim were standing by the head of the table, and Larry was at the foot. Ted un-cuffed my wrists and told me to lie down, and Mike and Jim, helped me.
They fastened my wrists, below the headrest, to the front legs; this caused by large breasts to be pulled taut. Then Larry and Ted placed my feet in the stirrups, at the end of leg rods, and fastened the ankle and foot straps. They then swiveled the rods out to the side, and up, and locked them in place. There I was stark naked, breasts taut, my legs spread wide, and my knees bent. I was wide open for anyone to play with, and with four horny men in the room! I'm almost came at the thought of it!
Larry begin to play with my blond bush, and his fingers soon found my waiting clit and he began to finger me. Ted had taken off his clothes and was running his stiff dick along my cunt, by my dripping hole! Mike was playing with my tits, and Jim had his clothes off and I felt his dick touch my lips! I opened my lips and his dick slid my mouth, and I felt Ted slide into my cunt.
Larry was fingering my clit, and Ted began thrusting in and out of my cunt, and I was moaning and my hips had started moving. I knew that I was not going to last long it this rate, and as I sucked on Jim's dick, I felt Ted's hands grasp my hips! Larry was fingering me faster and Ted was thrusting faster, and I felt my cunt muscles tighten around his dick. He held my hips tighter and was thrusting harder, as Jim went off in my mouth. My hips were bucking the upward, and I was moaning loudly. I felt him go rigid, and he started to shoot into me as my own orgasms started! My back arched and I strained against my bonds, trying to get his dick further into me! My body began to shake, and my moans became a scream, as Larry fingered me to my first orgasm! After I had quieted down and Ted withdrew, Jim moved between my outstretched legs, and Mike was beside my head! Larry began playing with my tits, and the whole cycle started again, but with Jim fucking me this time! It didn't take very long this time either, as Ted fingered my clit; I gave Mike one of my better blowjobs for a job well done!
They all took turns fucking me as they rotated around the table! When it was Mike turn, Jim fingered my clit, and I gave Mike one of my better rides when I reached orgasm! They then unfastened me, and we went back into the card room for round of drinks. I thought to myself that this was one of the most enjoyable nights of my life. I looked forward to the next card night when I would have some surprises for them! I wondered how they arraigned for me to lose seven hands in a row? But then maybe I was really the winner!

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