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Helping My Neighbor And Her Sister

Helping my neighbor and her sister

By L Michaels - Nov 2, 2008 - From group- sex-stories. Group sex stories - Views - 36845 I was sitting on my porch after a long day at work, it was near six pm, when I heard my name being called, I looked around and saw no one, then I heard my name being called once more. She poked her head from around the back side of her house, it was Terry, I've met her once or twice, but didn't know her that well, I've helped her husband Cameron many times on his car and truck, she would come out and bring us a beer or something like that, then go right back in, but since Cam as he likes to be called is gone most of the time, he asked me to look after her and the house while he's away, so when she called I set down my beer and went over. When I came around the corner, I saw there was another woman with her, I noticed they looked a lot alike so I assumed it was her sister, and I found out that she was, her name is Kerry. Terry said that the pool heater wasn't working and could I please take a look at it, so I did, I checked the breaker, it was fine, I said is it trying to start up, she shrugged her shoulders so I turned it on, nothing, so I checked the reset circuit button on the motor, sure enough, as soon as I pressed it, it started right up, they both cheered, I said well you're not going to be able to swim today, maybe tomorrow, it has to heat the water and there not the fastest things in the world, they both frowned. I told them they were welcome to come over and use the hot tub if they would like, and Kerry lit up like a bright star, I said you can't swim, but the hot water will feel mighty good on your back and shoulders Terry, she perked up when I said that, I said if you decide to come over, just come ahead, I'll light the candles around the table and have the pump going, if you decide not to, it will turn itself off after twenty minutes. I turned to go back to my beer, it was near 6:30 when they came over, the pump turned off, and they knocked on the door for me to turn it back on, so I showed them how to work it and I turned to leave, Kerry said aren't you joining us, I smiled and said well, I wasn't invited, I assumed you two wanted to be alone, Terry said oh no, come on, join us please, I said ok, I'll put on my trunks and be right out, Kerry said oh no need, we're not wearing our suits, so come on, let's get in, I said yea right, she said really, we're nude, and with that she opened her robe to reveal her naked body. I smiled and said ok then, how about some wine, they both almost in stereo said great, I said white or red, they looked at each other and said red, I said now that's eerie, Terry said what, I said you two didn't say a word to each other and agreed on the wine, they giggled and said oh go get the wine, so I did. I came back out and they were both in the tub by that point, I said ok, here we go, I sat the glasses down by each of them and they turned to get the glass, this afforded me a great look at each of them, so I pulled off my shorts, I had already pulled off my shoes and socks, and my shirt, all I had on was my shorts, so when they dropped, they both got a good look at my manhood, Kerry smiled and said oh this is going to be a good night, I see that now. I got in and they sat me between them, I was in heaven, I had two blondes with knock out bodies and nude one on each side, Kerry came over to me and started to stroke my cock, she said oh you have no idea how long it's been for me, I said well by the look of things, I'd guess some time, she smiled and Terry started to laugh, she said she's always like this, wants a cock when she can get it, and Kerry said no I'm not, and they started to go back and forth, I said ok ladies, I'm going to have to punish you if you don't stop this right now, and with that, that got there attention quickly. I started to play with Kerry's pussy and she was wet without the water, she was really juicey, I slid in my finger and she moaned, I moved it in and out a few times and inserted a second one, she really moaned with that, Terry said ok, hey, I'm here too, I said oh I'm sorry Terry, I didn't know you wanted in on this, forgive me please, she smiled and I slid my finger between her legs, she said um, ok, but don't let it happen again. I was rock hard and Kerry was stroking me for all I was worth, I said why don't we go inside and finish this there, Terry said oh yea, I'm all for that, I said good, Kerry was still stroking my cock and didn't want to stop, I said I promise, you can have it when we get inside, she giggled and said oh, sorry, I just love a hard cock, so we got out, grabbed our towels and once inside, we refilled our glasses and got com comfortable. I pulled of my towel and Terry said oh my god, your huge, I said is that going to be a problem, she shook her head no, I smiled and looked at Kerry, she shook her head no too. We kissed for a bit, then petted a lot, then we got into the bed, I have a king size bed, I love that bed. As the ladies laid down, I went down on Kerry and she came quickly, then I went to Terry, she was a little slower cumming, but when she did, damn, she drenched the bed, I laid on my back, Kerry slid down o atop me, she rode me until I exploded inside her, she moaned as I did, she rolled off and Terry took her place, it took me a bit longer, but I filled her up like I did Kerry, we took a little break and I put two more loads in each of them before the night was done, we all laid on the bed, I had one woman on each arm and two hands rubbing my cock, I chuckled and said it's empty ladies, I need food to refuel, they said no problem, so Terry got up, when over to her house and brought back some ham and cheese and all the fixins fro sandwiches, we drank our wine, eat the food and laughed at all the talk around the neighborhood, it was a fun night, they spent the night and Kerry came back over that afternoon and we screwed some more, she made sure I was home before she left on Monday, just to get another session with me, I have been with Terry and her daughter numerous times, her daughter caught us screwing one day and as I was doing her doggy style, Brandy walked in, from then on, I have been taking care of the three ladies when ever they need, and let me tell you, Brandy the daughter is one horny young woman, she comes over almost everyday after work and we fuck for a while then she goes back home. I found out later, like a month later that Terry and Cam want me to come over when Kerry comes back down for a foursome, I'm wandering if Brandy is going to be invited, now that would be awesome.

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