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How to turn webcam into surveillance camera?

How to turn webcam into surveillance camera?

As we have noted, this type of security camera installation is extremely amateur, and can be seen as: __ An introduction to amateur video-surveillance, and judge the usefulness of a professional video surveillance system; __ Monitoring a temporary booster. How to use: Before security camera installation, you must have correctly installed your webcam on your computer, using the driver CD that came with it. Your webcam should function properly on Windows. This is important because it is obvious that if your camera does "not native" on Windows, WebcamFirst can not emulate. Install the WebcamFirst software on your computer. To find your way more easily in any subsequent handling, we recommend that you keep the default installation path of Webcamfirst. Once installed, click on "Program", "WebcamFirst" and in the folder, click the "Webcamfirst." The software will start. Go to the Options menu to adjust the shooting. By default, the software is designed for manual triggering. If you press the "Photo" a picture is automatically taken and saved on your computer, an option so limited. If you put your attention there are different options available. If you wish to engage in video surveillance, there is an option that will retain your attention, it is the possibility of triggering recording motion detection, meaning that if a person enters the field vision of the camera, it will turn on and start capturing the sequence. For simplicity, we invite you to check "Automatic". You are then prompted to select the picture quality. We advise you to opt for a default picture weighing 30 KB. You then go to the option "Settings". In this menu you can determine how you want to see pictures stored on your computer. At this point, your camera can, take photos on motion detection, and store them on the hard drive of your computer. It is already significant, but the interest is rather limited because you can not view the images remotely! Now we look forward to seeing you in the "Options" menu, and we invite you to click on "FTP Settings". As a reminder, and without going into too much technical detail, FTP space is a space allocated to you, usually for free by your ADSL, and on which you can store documents so they are accessible on the Internet. For these identifiers simply contact your client advisor ADSL, it will give you these IDs, you just have to see in the various fields present in this section "FTP". Click OK, and the operation is com complete.
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