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Lust In Bombay Hotel

Lust in Bombay Hotel

By Vinay Agarwal - Nov 25, 2008 - From short-sex- stories. Short stories - Views - 20619 This is a real story that happened to me recently. I fucked one of my online chat women. She is really very hot.We started chatting about 4 years ago and had reached that level of chatting where we couldn't wait to meet each other. Let me tell you about her she is from UK, very hot about 5' 5", little overweight and full of lush, 36C boobs and very edible lips. You could easily get infatuated with her if you start chatting to her or ever see her boobs on the cam. She has always been looking for a chance to come to India to see me; I am working as a Financial Manager for an International company in Calcutta. I told her that my name is Vinay or Rohit Agarwal as I could not give her my real identity as I am married too. Recently she told me that her husband is going away for business for about 4 weeks and that she will be alone. So she convinced her husband to go to India for holidays while he is going away to Japan for business. She called me on my mobile and told me about her plans; I could not wait to see her.While she was coming to India to see me I had a business trip to France and I was just coming back from the trip, I changed my tickets via Bombay so that I could meet her. I told her that I can't believe that she actually managed to get away like this and came to see me. She was excited and a bit scared at the same time. She arrives at the airport and there I was waiting for her with a bunch of flowers and a chauffer driven expensive car. I was going to take her to the hotel and from there we'll decide what to do. I booked one double bed room at a nearby hotel.She told me that she was always attracted to me as she liked big men and that since the day one she wanted to fuck me"Let me get that." As I grabbed her luggage, she smiled and let me help her. Both of us went to the hotel as we went up the elevator, I puts my arm around her waist stretched enough to feel her boobs, I've wanted to meet you since the first time we started chatting . She too mumbled something like I also wanted to meet you.They entered the room. I reminded her that it was my birthday few days ago and that I wouldn't want to miss out on the Birthday kiss. As she went bit close to give me a small kiss on my cheeks, without giving her enough time, I pulled her towards me and started french kissing, I opened her mouth with my tongue and started exploring her mouth our tongue met. My hands were already exploring all over her body and grabbing and pressing her juicy large boobs, as I was playing with them my hand went under her top and I felt her skin, I slightly pinched her nipples. She couldn't handle this and she pushed me away lightly, she was soaking wet with this move."OK, let's go have dinner, I said, yes, she is hungry too but that hunger wasn't necessarily for dinner. We went out for dinner at a nearby Indian restaurant. By this time, she had realized that she was going to get fucked badly tonight. We had dinner laughing, joking, and sharing their chat history that started few years ago. We shared few kisses over the dinner table and my legs kept on rubbing her legs and went as high as in between her thighs rubbing her crotch with my toes. I could feel that she was soaking wet. If he had to put my toe in her pussy it would have come out wet..wet...wet.When we got back to our room, we sat on the couch for a while and I took out all the gifts I had bought for her from France. Perfume Chanel No 5, some cosmetics and a real low-neck slutty looking leather jacket that I wanted her to wear for me. "I cant give such things to my wife she is very orthodox India woman and would never wear such clothing for me I said., hinting her to change for me and wear the leather top. She went to the bathroom to change she once again checked her herself in the mirror to make sure she was ok for the action.She walked out of the bathroom and posed in front of me. I made her sit down next to me on the couch and put my arm around her. She moved little closer and gave me more access. I started playing with her waist, open back and her boobs as I started kissing her neck working myself lower down.. Tingles spread out from her lips. That's enough I said I cant take this anymore, saying this I stripped the top off her. For the first time she was com completely topless in front of a man that was not her husband, I kept on staring at her juicy, luscious boobs for a while he then moved my mouth towards her big large areola and grabbed them in my mouth. While I was sucking them I lifted her up and carried her to the bed. She didn't realize that I had already removed my shirt.I rolled her on the bed taking position on top of her. I guess by now she had already known that she was going to cheat on her husband and get fucked by her chat buddy for whom she waited for years. She started to give up and raised her hand, held my head and pulled it towards her boobs. Whispering in my ears, suck them real hard. I didn't need another invite. I held her boobs and squeezed them, her large size allowed me to join her nipples together as if they were one and started I sucking both her nipples at ones. She loved this as no one had ever done this to her. Then I kept on changing from one nipple to another sucking her boobs till they were really red and swollen. My dick was out of control. I started to move downward reaching her pussy and tasted the labia gently and lovingly. She moaned a bit, I then grabbed her clitoris, sucked her pussy as if I had never seen a pussy before. I started making circles with my tongue inside her pussy. She felt a huge orgasm coming on. Her feet pulled, body tightened and she grabbed and pulled my head tight to her pussy, making me eat more and more. My hands were holding her ass tightly, a long moan and a stretch pulling her head forward she exploded on my tongue releasing sweet juices. As soon as her head came forward her 36C boobs were touching my head that was taking a muff dive, I quickly grabbed both her boobs pinching her nipples hard, this made her orgasm even more intense as she came.She was still catching her breath from her first orgasm and I decided to push my already dripping, hard dick inside her, she was scared that she might get pregnant but it was too late, she couldn't stop me. She wanted me to fuck her madly. For those few minutes she felt like a real slut opening her legs wide holding my ass and pushing me inside her, and she was enjoying the feeling. I started pounding her slowly at first, then increasingly and rapidly I started pumping in and out of her pussy, sliding my dick deep inside her and then pulling it out till my penis head, then faster and faster until I felt her Cumming all over again around my dick. All of sudden she felt my pounding going even harder and she felt my cock expanding and with a big groan I came deep inside her, filling her womb with my semen. As soon as I pulled out of her and there was enough room in her pussy, she started dripping my cum and It didn't stop for a while.I gave a thank you type of kiss on her cheek and went to the bathroom, leaving her all used, full of my cum and without any energy.The night after she had to catch her flight, we are still chatting and making plans for our second encounter. This time I am planning to be more kinkier and want to take some toys with.

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