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Room Mate-email

Roommates Email

By stoneypoint - Dec 2, 2008 - From short-sex- stories. Short stories - Views - 27988 The email was direct. It was directed to me and no one else. The message in its body was succinct. It made its point. “Cum see me cum- A live masturbation demonstration… just for you.” There was a time to log on to the site. I could watch her fuck herself using during that time with different toys.
Five in the morning on Friday before Christmas and minutes before I was to log on, another email came in. “Ready for my demonstration?” it read. I replied anxiously, not knowing who she was and I stated in my reply email.
“Yes I am.” Then I logged on. Her face, I couldn’t see it. It was not blocked out. I just couldn’t see it. Her hair was dirty blond from what I could tell. But I saw her breasts, I saw her body, and I saw her pussy. Yes I did. Her pussy was shaved, shaved clean. It was bulging too. As big and extended as it was my body began going out of control thus sending me into a hormonal rage of sorts.
“Mmmmmm isn’t this nice” she asked in a soft voice. I didn’t even notice, didn’t pick up on the voice at all. I simply watched, watched her as she ran the long tubular toy down over her pussy’s opening. “Mmmmmm it does feel awesome” she said.
Yes it does I thought. I bet it really feels awesome. I touched myself. Alone, in my den, and watching the sexy young girl taunting me, tantalizing my every fantasy, and provoking me to get harder and harder, I reached inside. I grabbed hold of it and I squeezed it hard, very hard. Oh fuck what a fucking nice body, what fucking nice looking tits too, and what a fucking awesome cunt with pussy lips out to here! And it was a really nice set of pussy lips I had been looking at. They swelled forever. It appeared to be the size of a tennis ball or something similar.
“Ohhhhhhh” she managed to utter quietly. Her voice was sexy, young and sexy like her body. “I wish this was you” I heard the young girl say. I told myself I wished it was me too. “Don’t you?” she asked over her web cam. I didn’t pay attention to anything but that long tubular device, shoved deep inside her dark swollen wet hole. I was horny. I was holding my cock. I was holding it firmly. “Ohhhhhh god yes” she said a little louder.
“Oh god yes is right” I uttered. “Where the fuck do you live girl?” I said into my microphone. But she didn’t answer. She may not have heard me. I wished she could have. I would have moaned in harmony with her as we both masturbated together. My pajama bottoms were down, the lights in my room were off, and it was me and only me up in my home as I watched the sexy trim body fucking herself for me making me hornier and hornier by the second. “Orgasm… come on orgasm bitch” I said quietly. “I wanna see it. I wanna see that cum come out of it. Now bitch now” I said a little louder. I had become too rambunctious, too eager to see it. I wanted to see that white thick recipe ooze out of her folds. Oh fuck yes those folds of hers were the fleshy overlapping tissues offering themselves up to a guy like me opportunities to her fountain of life. “Fuck me girl. Fuck me forever and ever and ever” I exclaimed under my breath as I stroked my cock hard.
“Is it good for you because it’s good for me… mmmmm ohhh yes, yes it is” she said as I saw her ass rise upwards off the mattress. Then I saw it. I saw seepage. It was miniscule, but there was some seepage and it was good. I looked down. I had pre-cum. This was good too. I looked at the monitor. I heard her rumbling louder, more consistently. It was all good. She was magnificent. She was incredible. She was fucking sexy for… for god I don’t know how old she was but she was sexy.
I began to cum as I saw her cum. I began to moan as I heard her moan. She moaned and pleaded for me to be inside her, fucking her hard… fucking her really, really hard. And her ass came off the mattress again. Her sexy tight ass rose up even further and I told myself I wanted to bite that ass so fucking hard I’d cum again and again.
She came and she came. That thick white sexy solution rushing out from inside her, and she moaned and she called out and she moaned again. And it was beautiful and sexy and… and suddenly I thought I heard something in the house.
I thought I heard a disturbance in my house. It was coming from upstairs I thought. It wasn’t very loud, but I was able to hear whatever it was. It was an odd sound. It was an unusually wild sound too. Someone was ill or something. I sleep downstairs, my daughter is upstairs so it wasn’t the wife. She was asleep. She sleeps through everything and I mean everything.
I stood and I stepped outside the den. As I pulled up my pajamas to hide my erection or should I say my half spent erection. It sounded like a sick girl, at first. I started going upstairs. I heard the sick sounding moans coming from my daughter’s room.
What? Huh? What the fuck I thought? That sounded just like the girl on the… on my… ohhh shit… was it? Nooooo I thought. No fucking… No fucking way. Was it my daughter… my 18 year old daughter was… was doing herself I asked myself. Was she doing herself on her webcam for… for me? It made me sick at first.
I opened the door, very quietly. I opened it quietly and slowly. I peeked inside. Oh fucking shit. Ohhh fucking god… Oh my… ohhh my god. I closed my eyes. I felt sick to my stomach. Then suddenly it went away. Wait. That isn’t my daughter. Who is that? Who is she? I don’t know her do I?
Oh my god it’s… it’s that… that roommate of hers. It’s Sally, her roommate. And… and she masturbated… masturbated for me? She did herself online for me? You… you sexy little… you sexy little tease you. You sexy little wench you.
But where was my daughter? Where was Melissa? I looked around. I looked everywhere. She wasn’t anywhere. She wasn’t anywhere to be found. I went back to my daughter’s room. I crawled up to my daughter’s bed. I eased my way up and I put my hands, my warm hands, on Sally’s thighs. I spread them apart.
She jumped. She jumped off the bed practically. “Shhhhhh” I said. “Let me give you the real thing.” She looked at me. She was scared at first. She looked into my eyes. I pulled off my pajama bottoms. She looked down cautiously. I smiled. She looked at it. She looked at me. She smiled. And she readied herself. She readied herself for my cock.
But we both heard footsteps. I heard them, she heard them, and I dismounted her. I pulled up my pajamas and I hid. I hid quickly. I exited the room through another door. I heard something just as I left.
I turned and looked towards Sally. “Sorry” she said and she blew me a kiss. She mouthed the words “I’ll email you soon. I’ll email you something really special, okay?” I nodded, winked, and I disappeared.
“Were you camming again?” Melissa asked Sally. I heard them giggle. “Who this time?” she asked Sally. Sally said a special friend. “Do I know him at all?” Melissa asked her.
“You do.”
“What’s his name?” Melissa asked.
That’s all I heard except for lots of giggling. I think I didn’t want to know what was going on after all that. No, I didn’t want to know at all.

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