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Giving Oral Sex For the First Time - Blow Jobs and Eating Pussy For Beginners

Giving Oral Sex For the First Time - Blow Jobs and Eating Pussy For Beginners

The way you prepare to give oral sex (giving guys a blow job or eating a girl's pussy) for the first time will have a big influence on whether you find the experience fun and enjoyable, or horrible and disgusting. Let_s deal with blow jobs first. Here are some tips for getting used to the idea of sucking a guy's dick before you actually perform the act of fellatio itself. Watch some adult movies. To get a good idea of what is expected in giving a guy head, get hold of some adult movies that are geared towards blow jobs. Believe it or not, the very best ones are from the gay porn range. The reason to observe how gay men go about the business of oral sex is simple: they are full of enthusiasm, and you can tell just from watching that they love sucking cock. For some first-timer girls who have never had a man_s penis in their mouth, this can be a real eye-opener. Practice on a banana, carrot or other phallic object. Select an object that is at least five or six inches long and with a bit of girth. There is a fair chance you have not even seen your man_s penis (unless you have already given him a hand job or two), so you might be in for a shock. If his manhood is bigger than this, don_t worry _ you don_t need to take the whole length down your throat. However, some women to their own surprise discover a talent for deep throating. This knowledge usually comes as her oral sex experience increases. The main reason for practising with objects first is to gauge what sort of gag reaction (reflex) you will have. If you find yourself gagging easily, then you will not be giving very deep blow jobs _ at least while you are a beginner. Also be prepared for the following. Your guy_s penis may have a slight odor, which is normal. If it is too much to bear, you may have to ask him to wash. Don_t be embarrassed to ask, because if he wants a blow job badly enough, he will literally run to the bathroom. If you are worried about the taste and texture of semen, tell your man beforehand to give you some warning before he comes. If you are adventurous and want to taste, by all means try it. But, have a tissue, rag or towel handy, and also some water to rinse in case he comes in your mouth accidentally when you have asked him not too. You may find the taste and texture not to your liking. People are different about how they deal with a guy_s cum, there is no right and wrong here. Cunnilingus _ Oral Sex for Women The taste of a woman_s vagina is different to a man_s penis. For a start, it is constantly moist (usually), and secreting fluids. When you get your mouth on a cunt for the first time it can be quite a shock. As with men, do not be afraid to tell your woman if her genitals need a quick wash. If she likes being eaten out, she will oblige. Unlike men, the chances are much less that your girl will ejaculate in your mouth, although it can_t be ruled out. Just be prepared that it might happen. Also, have a look at some lesbian adult movies to get an idea of what you might like to try when you perform oral sex on a women. There are a million and one techniques, but the main thing to remember is: give all of her parts some attention _ the clitoris, labia, even inserting your tongue inside can be delightful for the giver and the receiver. Licking a woman_s urethra soon after she has urinated may also cause a bit of a taste shock, so be ready for that. Finally, with cunnilingus, your partner may be shaved or not. If shaved, her vaginal odor will usually be milder (but not always), and you can also get into the whole area much easier to give her all the oral pleasure she deserves. With oral sex for both men and women, the main thing is to be patient, attentive and aware tasting that bodily fluids is your ultimate reward for giving head well.
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