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Keeping It In The Family - Part 1

Keeping it in the Family - Part 1

By Sean - Oct 25, 2008 - From incest_taboo. Incest and Taboo - Views - 73329 I'd been married to Samantha for two years, she was blonde with blue eyes and a great figure, her sex drive was as high as my own and we fucked all the time and everywhere we could. She had no brothers or sisters and her mother was a widow, there were, however, two aunts who were very close. Sam was very close to both her mother and her aunts and I knew that she discussed our sexual activity with her mother at least. Her mother, Carol, liked me a lot and was prone to making suggestive remarks about how I kept her daughter happy.
I mentioned this to Sam and she said, 'Well, you know what the trouble is? Dad was no stud and Mum was frustrated for most of their marriage, then I get married and keep telling her what a great time you give me, she wants some, that's all!' You could have knocked me over with a feather, it wasn't that Carol wasn't unattractive, just that I had never thought of her that way. She was fifty-four and had what my Gran would have called a 'mature' figure, i.e. a rather fuller figure than her daughter. 'What are you suggesting?' I asked. Sam shrugged, 'Well, I've no objection and you're quite capable of satisfying two women, why don't you give her one?'
I was even more astonished, 'You haven't said anything, have you?' Sam turned a fetching shade of pink, 'I might have sort of hinted that you'd be able to .....well..... give her a bit of pleasure.' 'No wonder she's been making suggestive remarks!', I came back. Nevertheless, once the idea was planted I couldn't stop thinking about Carol in a sexy way. I did like her figure and she had always dressed as a younger woman and carried it off well, I thought of her sexually and discovered that I could fancy fucking her. After a few minutes I said, 'So how would you go about it?'
Sam gave a little smirk, 'Well..... why don't we ask her to stay the weekend, we could hire a porno movie, I know she would like that, then we could start with each other and rope her in too.' I knew what Sam meant, we had hired sexy movies before and acted out what we'd seen. Then I thought of something else, we had just bought one of the latest cam-corders, we could film it and show it back to Carol. I told Sam and she thought it a very good idea, 'She'd love it, ' she told me, 'she was on about a friend of hers who did just that the other day, she told me how much she would have loved to have seen it.'
That was it then, so we set it up, the cam-corder was one with a disk inside so it could record for a long time, I went out and bought a tripod. Carol came over on the Friday evening, Sam and I had showered and dressed in the minimum, whether Sam had said anything to her Mum I don't know, but it was obvious that Carol had very little on under her thin cotton dress. We had a couple of drinks before dinner and a bottle of wine with it, afterwards we told Carol that we had a film to watch and settled down in front of the telly. We hadn't told Carol what the film was about so she had a considerable surprise.
The DVD was about a threesome, two women and a man, and to say the least was extremely graphic. It certainly got me and both women going, Carol said, 'Oh my goodness! This is just what I was telling you about Samantha, 'you know, Pat Townsend and her husband at it, she told me.' 'Just sit back and enjoy it Mum, if it gets you going no- one's going to mind if you want to caress yourself.' At that point Sam and I, sitting together, were havimg a feel, Sam was well wet and I had a throbbing hard on. Is there anything, for a man at least, like seeing two women playing with each other while a man fucks one of them?
I have to say that it wasn't long before Carol had a hand up her skirt so we guessed it was affecting her the way Sam thought it would. I had provided vodka and tonics for the three of us, I was sure that the amount of alcohol we had consumed would help get things going and I wasn't wrong. Carol had started off by making comments, 'Ooh! Look at that, I bet she's enjoying it, I know I would.' And, 'God, I've never had a cock like that up my fanny, have you Samantha?' The first scenes involved the man fucking one of the girls while the other girl knelt over her head and had her fanny licked, 'Ooh!' Carol gasped, 'Lucky girl!' They carried on in various combinations which both Sam and her mother enjoyed, judging by their comments. Both were now openly masturbating while I had my cock in hand gently pleasuring myself, I didn't want to get too excited before all the work I undoubtedly had in front of me.
Carol was the first to come gasping and moaning, 'Ooh, that was so good!' She exclaimed, her daughter followed shortly after. Sam gasped, 'Fuck me darling!', she was stripping as she spoke. Carol looked at her as she lay down on the carpet. I stripped, Carol gasped, I got down as Sam spread her legs and showed her open cunt, it glistened with her love juice. I knelt between them and taking my cock in my hand, placed it at the entrance to her love-canal as I covered her and pushed. I felt the tight ring of muscle stretching round my knob and eased into her, I pushed right up, waited a moment, then slid it deep into her cunt. I began fucking.
Carol watched enthralled as I fucked my wife, Sam was juicing liberally and it squirted out onto our thighs. I said, 'You beautiful cunt, I want it so bad that I'll be spunking up you in moments!' 'I don't care, ' she responded, 'as long as you make me come too!' I moved up on her body slightly, 'Oh yes!' she panted, 'That's my clit all right!' I made sure that I rubbed it as I continued fucking. The suddenly I knew that what I had said was the truth, I was about to cum. I groaned, rammed my cock in hard, then began shooting as I withdrew. She certainly got a cunt full, it was squirting out even before I'd finished cumming. I lifted off as I shot the last spurt, showing Carol what she could expect.
She had her hand to her mouth as she watched. Sam smiled and thanked me, 'That's got that out of the way, ' she said, 'whoever gets fucked next is going to have a treat!' I turned to Carol, 'And that's going to be you, ' I told her, 'get your clothes off while Sam gets me hard again.' Sam turned, showing her spunky cunt, then she had her lips round my limp cock. She began sucking it into her mouth and licked it too, I heard her swallow as she garnered some of what she loved most, my spunk mixed with her love-juice.

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