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Spanking Bare-ass

So You Want a Spanking?

By Anon - Feb 4, 2005 - From spanking- stories. Spanking stories - Views - 34827 "So, you think you want a spanking, huh?" I asked as she stared down at the carpet in front of me.
She was standing in the middle of the room, hands at her sides, dressed in a dark green pleated skirt, a white blouse and matching white high-heels, wearing her hair up in a tight ponytail.
"Well? I just asked you a question. Answer it."
"Yes, " she said in a small voice after a slight hesitation, looking up into my eyes.
"Yes what?"
"Yes, I want a spanking, " she whispered, raising her eyebrows expectantly and quickly darting her tongue out to wet her lower lip.
I just sat there for a few seconds and watched her. "I'm not sure you understand what you're getting yourself into. Maybe you think I'll just give you a little romantic play spanking and then fuck you. Is that it? I have a feeling that's what you're really after anyway. Isn't it? You're just a horny slut who wants to get fucked, right?"
Blinking repeatedly, her eyes wide, she appeared shocked at the question. Her lips parted as if to speak, but no words came out.
"Answer me!"
Flinching, she took in a quick and ragged breath, clutching at the sides of her skirt. I could see her lower lip trembling before she spoke. "I...I'm not a slut, " she complained.
"Well, are you here to get spanked or to get fucked?" I asked. I waited a few seconds for her to answer as she shifted her weight back and forth nervously. "That's it... Please leave now, " I said, standing up and walking toward the door.
"B-but why?" she whined as I turned to face her, my hand on the doorknob. She hadn't moved from her spot in the middle of the room.
"Why? Because I'm sick of asking you questions that you don't answer, for one thing. And because I don't like to waste my time. I think you need to find someone else to play with. Some nice guy who will slap your little fanny a few times and then give you what you really need. Now get out."
She didn't even try to hide her disappointment. "Please give me another chance, " she asked softly, her voice low and pleading. "Please..."
I just stood there for a few seconds, studying her. "Lift up your skirt, " I calmly directed, staring into her eyes.
Immediately, she raised her skirt above her waist, revealing a pair of sheer white bikini panties. Moving one knee in front of the other, she pressed her thighs together in an enticing display of femininity.
Letting go of the doorknob, I approached her, appraising her carefully. "From now on, you'll address me as 'Sir.' Do you understand?" I asked, admiring the cute little hairs that peeked out from the sides of her panties.
"Yes, sir, " she replied, a mixture of shame and pleasure in her voice.
"I don't fuck every horny slut that comes in here, you know... You say you want a spanking, and I just may decide to give you one. Maybe if you're good, we'll see what else happens, but first I want you to ask me for your spanking. And you'd better ask nicely or you can just take your things and get out of here right now." Circling around behind her and looking down at her ass, I toyed with the idea of grabbing it with both hands.
"Please spank me, sir, " she whispered.
"What was that?" I asked, coming back around in front of her and standing close, looking directly into her eyes.
"P-please spank me, sir. I need you to spank me, " she said a little louder, looking back at me searchingly.
I just let that hang in the air for a few seconds..."Okay, I'll agree to spank you, but I'm warning you... I spank hard, " I said as I began to circle around her again, inspecting her. "And I'll spank you as long and as hard as I want to. In fact, I'm going to do whatever I want to do to you, and I'm definitely going to blister your ass by the time I'm done, " I added as I gazed down once again at her nice round bottom. "I don't fool around when it comes to spanking, slut, so I'm going to give you one and only one chance to back out. Once I start, there's no turning back, so either leave now or prepare to get spanked for real, " I continued, coming around her other side. "But understand one thing... If you decide to stay, you'd better be ready to do anything and everything I tell you to, no matter what it is, or you'll be punished severely." She really was a pretty thing... "So what's it gonna be?" I asked, back in front of her again and close enough that I could feel the heat of her breath on my neck. "Hurry up and decide."
"I...I want to stay, " she instantly replied, a mixture of fear and longing in her eyes.
Words couldn't begin to describe the rush of feelings I experienced at that moment, so I'm not going to even try to find any. Gazing down at this beautiful woman holding her skirt up and waiting for my next command, I felt as if a hot itch went right down the center of my cock and penetrated me. Silently, I reached up and unbuttoned her blouse, parting it to reveal a lacy white bra. Sliding my hands into the cups from the sides, I lifted her breasts out of them, bunching the material up below her tits, forcing them to press together and stick out lewdly.
"You have a very nice pair of tits. Do you know that?" I asked, > pinching her nipples gently and watching them wrinkle up as they grew> erect.
Closing her eyes and arching her back, she didn't immediately reply.
"It seems you haven't learned to answer me yet, huh?" I quietly observed as I squeezed harder.
"No! I'm sorry! I'll answer you! I'm sorry, I..." she offered as I rudely cut her off in mid- sentence.
"Bend over and touch your toes, " I gruffly ordered, letting go of her nipples and taking a step backwards.
Blinking a few times, she bent forward gracefully, resting the skirt on her back and extending her long red fingernails to press against the tips of her white leather shoes.
Walking past her and over to my desk, I reached down and opened the lower right-hand drawer, removing an old hardwood fraternity paddle. Rubbing it's smooth surface against my palm as I turned back toward her, I weighed the paddle in my hand, carefully gauging it's size and shape. It was about 4" wide, 18" long and 3/8" thick with three Greek letters painted in black on one side and a short rawhide string passing through a hole in its handle. And I knew from experience that it would deliver a serious wallop...As I approached her, I admired the pretty picture she was making for me -- bent com completely over with her legs held straight, feet together, and the lovely bulge of her pussy encased in a thin white strip that disappeared between her thighs. Pulling the paddle back and aiming it across both cheeks, I wasted no time and gave her a crisp, hard spank.
Yelping loudly, she maintained her position.
Allowing her no time to rest, I spanked her five more times, watching her cheeks flatten with each hard swat. I have to admit, her high-pitched squeals pleased me greatly, as did her struggles to retain her balance.
"I like the way you take your spanking, slut. Pull those panties toyour knees now and let's get down to business, " I instructed Reaching back without straightening up, she delicately slid her fingers into the waistband and lowered the panties as directed, turning them inside out as they crossed over the swell of her bottom. As the waistband made its way down her thighs, the crotch of the panties got caught up and she had to part her legs slightly and tug before she was able to dislodge it from her obviously wet slit.
"Hmmm... You're not enjoying this, are you?" I asked, a hint of sarcasm in my voice as I eyed the glistening stain inside the crotch of her panties.
She didn't immediately reply.
Irritated by her continued failure to respond, I put my arm around her hip, held her tightly against me, and paddled her bare ass ten more times, hard and fast, while she whimpered and squealed and apologized for her error.
"Next time I ask you a question, don't hesitate, " I warned, rubbing the smooth surface of the paddle over her spanked and reddened cheeks. "I'm sorry!" she gasped. "I'll answer whatever you ask! Please don't spank me anymore!" she begged, apparently close to tears.
Already, several small red blotches had begun to form on the peaks of her buttocks, connected together by thin web-like patterns.
"Get down on your hands and knees now, " I directed. "It's time to stop fooling around."
Instantly she dropped to her knees and planted both hands on the floor in front of her, arching her back and jutting her bottom out. Letting the paddle fall from my hand, I straddled her body, placing my legs on either side of her hips and facing toward her feet. Leaning over and resting my left hand on her hip, I reached down and spanked her upraised bottom and the backs of her thighs repeatedly, loving the feel of her warm soft skin against my palm and the sounds of the hard spanks and the little yelps and squeals that accompanied them. In fact, I loved everything about spanking this woman. Everything.
"Lie down flat. I don't want your ass stretched, " I growled, stepping to her left and kneeling as she leaned forward to comply, resting her belly and tits on the carpet.
With her legs held out straight and her reddened cheeks nice and loose now, I grabbed her ponytail and held her head up, letting her rest her weight on her elbows. Raising my right hand high, I spanked her hard, smacking and smacking and smacking her gorgeous bottom as she moaned and squirmed and kicked her feet.
"Ooooh! Oh!" she yelped while I spanked her, watching in fascinationas the soft pink flesh of her ass jiggled in response.
I have to say, I really enjoyed spanking her like this. In fact, I couldn't resist doing it for quite a while before deciding to take a break...
"Still a horny slut?" I finally asked as I grasped her panties and roughly pulled them down and off before forcing my hand up between her thighs.
"No, please!" she cried, squirming as if to try to escape.
"Yes, you *are* a horny little slut, *aren't* you?" I exclaimed in mock surprise as I pulled back harder on her hair and shoved two fingers deep into her dripping cunt. "Look how wet you are!" She gasped at the penetration.
"Now what are we going to do about this?" I asked as I twisted my fingers deep inside of her. "What do we do with horny sluts who get wet from their spankings?"
"Unggghh, " she groaned loudly, shamelessly spreading her legs wider as I slowly rotated my hand.
"I know... Come with me, " I said as I stood and pulled her up with me by her hair. Forcing her to walk ahead of me with my fingers still deep inside of her, I led her over to the back of the couch. "Get that skirt off, " I ordered, still holding her by her ponytail as she fumbled to undo the button and zipper. Pulling my fingers out of her, I let the skirt fall to the floor.
"The blouse and bra, too, " I added, making her face me as she stripped off the last of her clothes. While she stood before me in nothing but her white high-heels, I savored the view of her succulent body for a moment before turning her around and bending her over the back of the couch.
"Keep your feet together and put your hands behind your back, " I gruffly ordered, letting go of her hair.
She quickly complied, touching her shoes to each other and folding her arms in the small of her back.
Walking over to the desk, I reached into the bottom drawer again, this time removing a smooth wooden ping-pong paddle. Turning back toward the couch, I approached my naked, high-heeled, bent-over victim, her wrists still crossed obediently behind her back.
"I think it's time I taught you a little lesson, " I announced as I stood over her and watched her luscious bottom clench rhythmically. "Do you see this ping-pong paddle?" I asked, reaching over and holding it in front of her face.
"Yes..." she blurted out.
"I'm going to give you a hundred spanks with it now so that you know what will happen if you ever hesitate to answer me again."
"No, please! I can't take a hundred spanks!" she cried.
"Oh, you'll take them alright. And if you give me any trouble, I'll tie you down and give you twice that many plus another hundred with my belt, " I warned, pulling the paddle back and gripping her wrists in my left hand as I prepared to spank her.
Whimpering pitifully, she trembled with anticipation.
"Ready?" I asked again, a bit more pointedly.
"Yes!" she yelled, obviously resigned to her fate.
Immediately, I started to spank her. Using good firm swats, I covered every square inch of her helpless bottom, saving the hardest spanks for the fleshy undersides of her cheeks as she kicked her feet up together, balanced as she was over the back of the couch. Continuing to hold her wrists in one hand, I paddled her ass solidly, watching it turn redder and redder and redder as loud smacking sounds filled the room.
"Oh! Ow! Oh, please! Owowowow! Owww! Oh! Oh!" she cried, kicking her legs frantically as I methodically applied the hundred spanks, holding her down easily until I had finally delivered the last one. Releasing her wrists, I just let her hang there sobbing as I rested the paddle on the back of the couch. Crossing her legs and bending them at the knees, she writhed in pain while I stood back and squeezed my throbbing cock through my pants, leering at her red and swollen backside.
"I'm going to whip you twenty times with my belt now, just to give you a hint of what will happen if I ever have to punish you again, " I announced, quickly unbuckling my wide leather belt and slipping it off before doubling it up in my hand.
"No, please! I'll be good! I promise! Please don't spank me anymore!" she desperately begged. "Please!"
"Please?" I asked. "Put your hands against the cushion and keep your feet on the floor and don't move them or I'll start all over again with the ping-pong paddle." "And spread your legs wide..."
Pulling my arm back and dangling the belt behind me, I waited for her to comply.
Whimpering, she pressed her hands flat against the cushion and opened her legs as far apart as she could while still keeping her feet on the floor, providing me with a wonderful view of her pussy and asshole as she did. As soon as I was satisfied with her position, I swung the belt forward, smacking it hard against the back of her left thigh and eliciting a loud scream as a thick red welt appeared across it. Without pausing, I drew my arm back and spanked her other thigh, beginning to alternately whip them again and again now, spacing the strokes several seconds apart so that she would feel the full effect of each one. Moving my aim upwards, I refocused my attention to her already reddened bottom, whipping it over and over until I had delivered nineteen of the twenty promised spanks.
Crying out pitifully throughout the entire strapping, she squirmed and bounced up and down, swaying from side to side without ever moving her hands or feet at all.
"Keep those legs spread now, " I warned as I changed my angle of attack and aimed an underhanded swing up between her thighs, smacking the belt hard against the spread lips of her pussy...
At the loud contact, she let out an ear-splitting, high-pitchedscream...
And then she fell silent.
Standing there breathing heavily, the belt hanging down by the side of my leg, I opened my fingers and let it fall to the floor. My heart was pounding, beads of sweat dripping down my forehead and soaking through my shirt. Backing up slowly, I sat in the leather deskchair, never taking my eyes from the punished woman who lay so helplessly over the back of my couch.
With her legs still spread wide and her toes barely touching the floor, she sobbed quietly. Her beautiful bottom, once so smooth and white, was now bright red and welted, as were the backs of her thighs. Several large purple blotches had formed on each of her swollen buttocks as well.
"Come over here, " I ordered, speaking softly now.
Slowly, she rose and staggered over to me, tears streaming down herface.
I leaned back and drank in the sight of her...
"You're not going to hesitate the next time I ask you a question, are you?" I asked.
"No, sir!" she promised breathlessly, answering immediately. "That's a good girl. Now tell me this... Are you still horny?"
"Yes!" she replied in a husky voice, looking down at the carpet.
"And do you want something?"
"Yes... I want you to *fuck* me. Please fuck me!" she gasped.
I just waited a few seconds, picturing in my mind how I would have her lay on her back and hold her legs splayed open for me while I pounded my cock into her, forcing her punished ass to grind into the carpet with each powerful thrust.
"I don't think you were good enough for me to fuck you, " I finally said quietly. "I want you to kneel down and thank me for your spanking instead. And when I come, you'd better swallow every drop..."
I waited about two seconds for that to sink in.
"Do it now."
Instantly, she dropped to her knees and leaned forward, undoing my pants and quickly removing them. Freeing my hardon carefully, she lowered my underwear and removed them as well. Without hesitating, she moaned and dropped her head into my lap, rubbing her face all over my cock and balls as I spread my legs wide.
Leaning back and watching her carefully, I grabbed her ponytail and rubbed her mouth all along the length of my cock, directing her movements and finally forcing her lips down over its bulging head. Gripping her hair tightly, I began to slide her up and down over me, my willpower fading rapidly. Faster and faster, I fucked her mouth like this until I could hold back no longer. Finally, closing my eyes and keeping her head com completely still, I let her suck the orgasm from me.
"Uhhhhhhhhhhhh, " I groaned, lost in time, oblivious to anything else but the heavenly feeling of her sucking mouth on my cock... milking me... drinking me... draining me...
I have no idea how long it was before I finally regained my senses and opened my eyes. Lifting her head gently and pulling her mouth from my softened cock, I watched closely as she sat back on her heels and licked the remnants of my orgasm from her puffy lips. Her face was flushed and she was breathing very deeply, a hot smoldering lust in her eyes.
"That was very good, slut. I liked it a lot, " I said softly. "Are you still horny?"
"Yes, sir!" she whispered desperately.
"And what do you want?" I asked.
"I want you to make me come. Please make me come!" she gasped.
"Stand up and open your legs, " I ordered.
Immediately, she complied, holding her arms straight behind her and looking up toward the ceiling.
"Make yourself come while I watch, " I instructed. "I want to see how you masturbate."
"No, please!" she begged, looking back down at me with a shocked expression on her face. "I can't do that. Please!"
I gazed up at her and waited a few seconds before responding. "Do I have to spank you again?" I quietly asked as I stared darklyinto her eyes.
"No! I'll do what you say, " she bleated, quickly bringing both hands to her pussy and closing her eyes tightly. Using the index and middle fingers of her left hand to separate her labia, she drew her right middle finger down along the folds of her glistening pussy before sliding it back up and beginning to rub her clit, touching it very high up through its hood, not even close to the tip.
Leaning back and leisurely stroking my cock, I studied her as she moved her finger in a small circular motion, never varying her pressure or tempo even slightly. Soon, her hips began to gently sway and her mouth opened.
Taking in every detail of this beautiful woman standing before me her chest heaving, her hard nipples darkening, her tongue flicking out to lick her trembling lips -- I watched intently as she brought herself closer and closer and finally all the way through a deep, shivering, shuddering climax...
"Nnnnnnnnnn, " she moaned as she bit down on the tip of her tongue, her entire body trembling uncontrollably...
Seconds later, both of us panting with sated lust, we gazed deeply into each other's eyes.
"Next time you come over here, I want your pussy trimmed, " I said, breaking the intense silence. "Not shaved. Trimmed. Do you understand?"
"Yes, sir, " she whispered, a precious look of adoration in her twinkling eyes.
A deep feeling of joy washed over me at her reply. I had all I could do not to jump up right then and take her into my arms, but I didn't want to end the scene just yet...
"Lick your fingers, " I calmly ordered, my voice soft and deep as I continued to stare directly into her eyes.
Without the slightest hesitation, she brought her slick fingers up to her lips and slipped each one into her mouth, licking and sucking her juices from them one by one without ever averting her gaze.
"Go and stand in the corner now and don't come out until I tell you to, " I instructed, feeling my cock beginning to stir again. "Yes, sir, " she whispered, smiling sweetly before turning gracefully and heading toward the corner.
Smiling myself now, I watched her every move..

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