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Interracial Sex Stories

Tales of sexual encounters and relationships between two races. These interracial stories include black and white relationships and sex tales. Some stories involve Asian sex tours and other adult Interracial stories. You too can meet women and men for interracial fun times and interracial. adultfriendfinder go/g-pct go/p34251c Interracial sex2388. Wendy & the Witch doctor - Black witchdoctor uses voodoo to impregnate neighbor. "It was a week after the black man had come over to their house and she hadn't seen him since, short of the limo that picked him up for school and brought him back each morning. He was practically naked, wearing only a cheetah print loincloth. His chest was spectacular, as ridged as any body-builder's. Mobutu's skin was as black as coal and glistened with perspiration in the sunlight"...2225. For White Girls - White girl's first interracial experience. He pulled my panties down my legs and stood up and took off his clothes. I opened my legs, and he gently rubbed my pussy at first with his finger. "Ah, good and wet." Then, as I looked down, I saw the size of his cock. It was so big, it scared me, and I started to close my legs, but he grabbed them under my knees and spread them wide. "Don't worry, baby. I've got to hit this now."2219. A black safari for Sophie....part 1 - Sophie knew that she was in a precarious situation. She was high on something but knew that this was no longer a normal travel trip. Being next to two big black men was scary yet titillating also. Damn, girl, what am I thinking? These men want to rut with me….I’m not equipped to handle this. I’ve had very little sex in my life and now I’m next to two black stallions. Lord, help me...2310. A black safari for Sophie....part 2 - The saga continues for Sophie and her mother on an African safari. "The two black Africans pinned Janet on the blankets and began removing her clothes. She squirmed and cussed at them until a big black hand covered her mouth. Janet’s eyes were wide and in fear as she struggled. Her arms were pinned in back of her as the other African disrobed. Then he held her while the other African removed his clothes..."2396. A black safari for Sophie....part 3 - Sophie and her mother continue to be ravaged by the four black African guides. "Within seconds both had two black hands griping their ankles and spreading their legs. There were two very black bodies kneeling down on the blankets while two other naked Africans stood gleefully awaiting their turns. Sophie could feel Morgan pulling her body up to his throbbing black cock as it waved in the air. She had seen this serpent before and knew what it could do"...2189. Hart Family at African Retreat - Part 3 - She was certainly not innocent of sexual activity as her family had thought but the thought of this muscular charcoal black man holding her and pressing her hand against his erection was very erotic. Never in her life did she think a black man would excite her. No way. But, oddly she no longer tried to remove her hand. Instead, she became curious and her fingers began to grip the hardness bulging in his pants.2041. Teacher with Big Tits - I was sitting on the couch jerking off to my teacher a hot young woman with big tits. gynecologist- fuck. Fucked by a Black Gynecologist - At 18 I had never been to the gynecologist and had been having regular intercourse with my black boyfriend of 2 years, so i thought it was time i had a check up. I'm white and have a very curvy body and a big ass, black guys always seem to be attracted to me and I'm not complaining!2089. Needs - He was a young white military soldier, hardworking and
dedicated to his job. He and his wife were not
communicating. Their relationship was on the rocks. He
needed something more, and there was a girl who could
give him just what he needed. (MF, husband-cheat, intr,
military)2063. My Experience with a Young BBC Stud - I hesitantly agreed to meet him. What could I be thinking, he is a young 27 yo BBC and I am a married 40 yo white woman... I wrapped my hand around his monster and started stroking him. He pushed my head down and said, "Come on and be a good white girl and suck my cock". I went down and wrapped my lips around his head. He was so big, I could only take a little over half of his cock.1965. And His Sister Was Pretty Too - For an answer she unbuttoned her shirt and pulled off her socks. I unbuttoned my shirt and removed it while she took hers off and removed her skirt so that she stood on the carpet in her white knickers and bra. As I pulled down my trousers and took off my socks I noticed that part of her knickers were soaked and there was vaginal juice running down the inside of her legs. I stood up to face her, and as I did so the tip of my cock popped out at the top of my briefs. We kissed again, our hands caressing each others' backs. My hands found the clasp of her bra and undid them.1963. First Night Together - I got up and stood behind her, pouring a large puddle between her buttocks and spreading it around with my fingers, occasionally entering to lubricate it properly, surprised at how clean her asshole was. Once it was well lubricated a positioned myself to that the tip of my penis rested on it, my legs either side of her legs so they touched her suspenders and I held her firmly above the belt. Before starting I asked her if she was ready, and when she answered yes I tightened my grip.1926. Sexy Stranger - Walking into the bar, her stilletos clacked on the wooden floor, and she scanned groups of people sitting at tables. She ordered a martini and half-listened to Cassie babble on about her job as a nurse, but all the while she was looking at a man in the corner of the room.1900. Mia Matsumiya: Hot Snatch-Up - she's got cum leaking from her ass as Andrew shoots his wad inside her, and she's gulping down Pete's sperm eagerly, its saltiness tingling the inside of her mouth. Mia cums against her will, as Andrew fingers her to orgasm, her tiny body shuddering in unanticipated delight.1875. Stacy the Asian pharmacist: Kidnapped Part 1 of 4 - Stacy the Asian pharmacist runs into a group of horny frat boys...1876. Stacy the Asian Pharmacist: Kidnapped Part 2 of 4 - Stacy the Asian pharmacist gets "broken in" by horny frat boys...1877. Stacy the Asian pharmacist: Kidnapped Part 3 of 4 - Kidnapped by horny frat guys, Stacy the Asian pharmacist finds her pussy is no match for their raging cocks...1878. Stacy the Asian pharmacist: Kidnapped Part 4 of 4 - Stacy the Asian pharmacist finally realizes she has no choice but to give the frat guys what they want...1872. Stacy the Asian Pharmacist: Disneyworld Romp - (Followup to the original "Stacy the Asian pharmacist")Everyone's favorite Asian pharmacist gets her "booty" plundered on a ride at Disney...1873. Stacy the Asian pharmacist - The Trip Home - Sequel to "Stacy the Asian pharmacist - Disneyworld Romp"1879. Stacy the Asian Pharmacist: Secret Origin - The secret tale of how Stacy the Asian pharmacist really lost her virginity...1804. Hot Asian Pharm Sex - A hot Asian woman working in a pharmacy gets an early morning surprise. As she walks toward the employee entrance, she doesn't notice the black sports car parked among the few other cars nearby. Inside is a customer who's been observing Stacy for a while, and has masturbated daily thinking about her, ever since he first laid eyes on her a month ago.1703. Salt Pepper and Pepper Salt - I looked at Brenda and she shrugged her shoulder as if to say “I don’t know, do you? Just then Uwonda stripped down to her white silk lacy panties. In her country the women don’t wear bras. All she had on were those white silky lacy panties. The color contrast was amazing. The white material against her dark skin. Her dark skin and those white lacy thong panties were stimulating to say the least.1679. Teacher gets taught a lesson - A upper class white girl goes to the inner city to teach. But she gets taught a big lesson. A big black lesson. 1655. Craigs List - Personal Ads - Constance screamed she was going to cum. Her screaming triggered Buford to shoot her ass full of this black man’s cum. That caused me to follow in seconds. Buford stood up with his dick in his hand. I swear his cock was a yard and a half long. I felt so inadequate with my 8” cock. 1603. Hockey Player - I wasn't the only mother in the locker room yet there were several young physically fit men wearing next to nothing. I couldn't help but notice that my son's locker mate, a young black teen from Northern California was com completely naked only a few feet away. 1590. Vacation Adventure - My wife buried her head in the pillow and screamed over and over as Jerome picked up his pace. The man was an animal and could seemingly fuck forever. My wife's pussy was engorged and red as the relentless black man continued to feed her his oversize dick.1270. The Hart family at an African Retreat - Part 2 - Following her sister's acceptance of African lust, Candy, Dana's younger teen sister, would also become "Africanized" in a more provocative way. 1230. The Hart Family at a Nigerian Retreat - The Harts decided to leave their three white daughters and son at an African retreat for four days. It was suppose to be a cultural exchange but it turned out to be much more that that. 1210. Africans Domination of White Family - Africa is indeed a dark continent. This story of a white family with three young blonde daughters captures the lust and dominance of black African rule in certain countries during the 1970's through even perhaps today. 1969-1. 1969 - Part 1 - The late 1960s is famous for the many new freedoms given to females. Even the lead in sexual adventure became a domain for many. But having to “start sometime” meant that there was a carryover of a proper, polite, perhaps even docile, generation. That generation was raised one way, and instantly allowed to become the “other” way. Taking the restrictions off of that group was the ultimate in human dynamics. 1969-2. 1969 - Part 2 - Melissa had just befriended a group of African graduate and post graduate students, with her body. She had become the ultimate white Jezebel for the men. And Jezebel had a very special meaning for these African men. 1132. Blond Lawyer Iikes it Black - When a tired, stressed white attorney checks in to her hotel she finds the bellman more than helpful.1070. Black Bed Fellow - I get home from work about the same time Scott does. We arrived home about 4:30 one afternoon. We kissed each other as always. I said, “I Know, I know! Let’s go fuck”. It seems I am always the horny one. 1022. A Late Night at the Office - Leroy and Ken had her arms pinned easily above her head and Mike had caught hold of her ankles, holding them against her struggles with his well muscled arms. ‘Let me go, you bastards’ hissed Claire. ‘You wont get away with this’. ‘Well now’ said Mike smoothly ‘lets see what you got girly’. ‘Undo her blouse Walt and let’s see those titties’.793. Metrosexual Apartment - His eyes were hungry. I saw that in them; I’ve seen the look a few times in the past with other guys. It only made me more ravenous for the awesome charismatic white hunk who liked me for me... I’m pretty sure. I’d let him into my bedroom to watch me change if I was that confident, but I wasn’t. I wasn’t ready for that yet. I wasn’t sure what I was ready for, but I knew I was ready for a relationship with Chad.780. Facial - Tom, a neighbor is called on to do landscaping job. Customer and best friends mom walks away from computer where she typed secret blog about Tom. Tom reads it and discovers she wants him and yearns to sit on his face... and more. 777. Starry Starry Night - Blow a nuclear reactor in the wrong part of the galaxy and it could be the best thing that ever happened to you. Don Mclean only knew the half of it! indianmaidblowjobs. Indian Maid - We have a maid named Ramee who comes to the house at 6:00 and leaves at 5:30. I’m not sure of her age but I think she is over thirty; maybe thirty-three. 771. Doctor Visits - Patient meets with interim resident physician filling in for his regualr doctor. She is black and wants to help him out. He breaks down and tell of his inability to get an erection. She give therapy. Gets him turned on and eventually they end up having great sex...a long with his regular nurse... who is also black. a-stoneypoint-story. Country Gal - A mature lonely wife and businesseswoman is befriended by a younger black janitor. Eventually inviting him to dinner he accepts but reconsiders and doesn't show up. Later on he shows up at the depressed woman's home. They end up falling for one another and good old sex ensues. 749. Fucking the Black Janitor - For the last couple of years I'd badgered my young wife to give herself to a black man. The thought really of watching my wife being fucked by a big black man really turned me on.727. Andrea Tells her Story - When we met, she was not a virgin, but I was only her third lover. For my last two years of school we were inseparable. We lived together the last year, and decided to marry as soon as I graduated. Both of us came from poor families, and knew that once married we'd be on our own financially. 720. Young White and Horny - Few women I know tell me they don't remember every detail of their first greatest fuck. And so, this is the story of my first greatest fuck and it was done by an older, mature black man. barbaracock. Barbara Wants Cock - The cab driver shot again unloading a tremendous spurt in Barbara's mouth, then another and another. He ejaculated with incredible force. Barbara felt the spurts hitting the roof of her mouth and literally splashing all over inside her. black-meat. Black Meat - Marie now was dying to have Josh fuck her, and at that moment she would have done anything just to get that cock in her pussy! Finally he pulled out of her mouth and told her to lay down and spread her legs. young-whore. The Training - On an average night Bobby Dick would take in over two thousand dollars, and although he had overhead, he cleared at least half what he took in. What he needed, however, was a new girl, because one of his bitches was about to turn nineteen, and he needed to replace her. amy. Amy - Amy loves a guy with muscles and I could tell she was impressed. She unbuckled his belt and began to unzip his pants. She let his pants drop and began to pull down his boxers. She let out a gasp when she saw his cock. It was at least ten inches and very thick. Masters_and_Johnston_StripperM. Black Male Stripper - Your birthday present turns out to be a black male stripper, whom you quickly unwrap while your husband watches. With a powerful thrust, he pushed forward, his entire cock inside you in a split second. You were so wet it slid right in, your pussy lips wrapped around the base of it before you realized it. 441. Bull Jones - The video camera was recording Abby’s legs flailing in the air as my former Navy shipmate’s massive cock relentlessly plunged in and out of her like a jackhammer, showing her no mercy. private_eyefull. A Private-eyefull - Lisa laughed, “One afternoon he came home early. He walked into our house and saw me in the living room. I was sitting on one black cock and sucking another. Dear hubby came unglued. It never dawned on me that I had to get his approval for what he was having me do in the first place. The poor bastard got jealous of all the men he was letting fuck me. crimson_lake. Crimson Lake - “My name is Mary, ” the pretty woman said. I guessed her age somewhere in her late thirties, but I could be off as much as five years. She had short reddish hair. “I’m a slut for black cock. I have three black men that fuck me regularity and sometimes they loan me to their friends for sex. billy_boy. Billy Boy - There was a wine bottle on the coffee table and June straddled the table until the mouth of the bottle was lined up with her pussy. Black_Nurse. The Black Nurse - Doctor and nurse story - The doctor gritted his teeth. He leaned forward towards her tight, black ass and the sexy, white, laced panties that it was wrapped in, and then he stood and moved extremely close behind her. true- sex. Barebackiing - True sex story - I was forty nine years old and my sex life had been nonexistent for more that seven mouths and I felt such a need to have my desires satisfied. Leon was a black guy who for more than a year had been after me to let him bye a drink after work. I finally throw my female common sense to the wind and said yes. catholic-woman. Catholic Women Gets Hooked On Black - Interracial sex story - I first met BJ, a black student, during my freshman year of collage in 1946. We were in a number of the same classes over the next four years. I grew very found of him but, in those days, even being seen with a black man automatically made a white women some kind of slut. I told Karen that I had a crush on him and she warned me about the social ramifications of getting involved with a black man. So he and I remained just good friends, which seemed to be ok with him. sexy-interview-time. The Interview - Beth idly let her hand slip up her skirt and inside her panties where she began casually masturbating her by now fully erect clitoris. “You have a wonderful body, ” she sighed, while staring at Jane’s large chest. “Before James gets here we should go over a few things, ” she added. “First of all, during working hours you will always be totally naked and available for me or the other actors to use you as we see fit!” “As you will find out, James, or as we call him in our movies, The Black Snake, has an almost insatiable appetite of plump young white women!” japanese-girls. Japanese Girls - I go to Tokyo quite often and recently went to a sleazy backstreet strip joint, where we paid about £100 for a live sex show. The atmosphere inside was hot and there was a smell of sex about the place - hardly surprising in view of what we were about to see! tell-me. Tell me a story - A friend of mine who is a movie producer asked me to join her for a night on the town when I was visiting New York City. After having finished a sumptuous late evening dinner, Paula asked, "Are you up for something a little more adventurous?" "Sure, " I replied as we climbed into her new BMW. She reached into the glove compartment and produced a black scarf and asked me to cover my eyes. I gave her a quizzical look but did as I was told. We drove for about fifteen minutes from the midtown restaurant before we glided to a stop. I asked if I could now remove my eye cover, and after a few seconds delay we were again moving and she gave me permission to take it off. garbage-man. The Garbage Man - If wasn't for his being black, you could have seen the red rising in his cheeks from embarrassment as he stammered, "Uh, no, I mean yes, I've really got to go, I have a schedule to meet!!!" Being slightly bemused at his discomfort, she asked sweetly, "Why, Bobby, I do believe that you're shy, haven't you ever seen a white woman's breasts before!?!" After making an audible gulping sound, he replied, "Uh, sure I have, lots of times, it's just that, well, I know you're married and all, and besides, you're a customer of mine!!!" "That's right, " she said with a smile, "and you know what they say about customers don't you!?!" "W-what, " he stumbled?!?" "They say that the customer's always right, " she replied while dropping her robe!!! The_Pool_Man. The Pool Man - Interracial sex story - Gail felt almost cheated. Her husband's cock was nothing like the horse dick Tyrone stuffed into her tender pussy. She looked at her husband in total disgust. The asshole was on the verge of cumming. Didn't he understand that she couldn't help what happened to her. She didn't want to have an orgasm she was forced to. Tyrone began to talk dirty to her again and then moved away. At the last instant she became aware that he intended to sodomize her by force. She let out a squeal and tried to squirm away but she was trapped she looked at her husband and wished him even tried to will him to do something to stop this evil act. It was too late. Black_Dildo. Black Dildo - Interracial erotic story - As a joke I bought a black dildo. At ten inches long and over two inches in diameter it makes my cock look more like a finger. When Kat unwrapped that dildo, she said. "Willy, where have you been." We laughed and kidded about her new black lover never dreaming that one day she might have a real live Willy with a cock to match her toy. This was after our second daughter was born and we had come to the conclusion that my cock just wasn't doing much for Kat. african-nightmare. African Nightmare - This is his story of how his and the other wives are forced into providing sex for hundreds of horny African rebel troops. Since the wives lost all their luggage which contained their birth control pills, the husbands end up providing their wives an interesting form of oral birth control. the-warden. The Warden - Interracial sex story - "Jesus christ, bitch, " he sighed as he slumped back into his chair, "you got one hot fuckin' mouth, you love suckin' black cock don't ya!?!" "Yeah, I do, " she replied softly while sitting on the edge of the desk with her dress hike up to her waist, "and now it's your turn black boy, you're gonna eat mama's pussy for her, now get your ass over here and do me!!!" As he stared at her dark hairy muffy hidden between her firm thighs, Stu's cock began to feel a slight twitching while he slid off the chair and crawled on all fours over to her drooling pussy!!! aiko. Aiko's Awakening - I'm not quite sure how to start this. I haven't written any stories like this before and this really isn't much of a story, its just what happened with me and my wife. We've been married for a little over five years now, have been together for almost seven so, while she's really quite beautiful, our sex life had gotten to be somewhat routine. Maybe a couple of times a month without any real enthusiasm. It had become a matter of relief more than anything else. I find it hard to believe, really, considering how much we fucked when we first met. I was in Japan and, being Japanese, so was she. library-sex. Interracial sex tale - Sex in The Library - Interracial sex tale - Without even thinking the hot pussied little blonde plunged her hand down inside of her jeans and began wildly fingering her hard clit!!! “I think I’m gonna cum!!!” she gasped. “He’s sucking my fucking tits so wellllllll!!!” All this was more than poor Brittany could take what with the black monster cradled in her mouth and the sound of Hannah’s rapidly approaching climax!!! So with both Ben and Hannah looking on in wide eyed wonder, she stood up, lifted her skirt, tore off her panties, and then incredible aplomb turned around and sat down on the thick black piece of cock meat until it was buried to the hilt in her over heated pussy!!! “Oh fuck that’s nice!!!” Brit moaned too loudly. “Never in my life……….” the- auction. Interracial sex story - The auction - Interracial sex story - A cute little blonde quickly appeared at the black man’s side, and after getting a signal from Tom Finch, untied the sash allowing the front of the white robe to fall open! There was an immediate gasp from the crowd as the young man’s incredibly huge penis came into view! It wasn’t even hard and must have hung down at least eight or nine inches! “Is that proof enough, Bonnie?” Tom shot back. “I bid a thousand!” Bonnie screamed. As Tommy recorded her bid the young woman casually took hold of the huge penis and began gently caressing it in her small delicate hand! Almost at once it became alive in her hand as it quickly expanded until it was standing proud and tall like a thick three trunk sprouting from the young buck’s groin! dominant-boyfriend. Interracial sex stories - The Dominant Boyfriend - Interracial sex story - All the blood drained away from Norma’s face as she tried to make sense of the situation. Finally after gathering her thoughts she retorted angrily, “You can’t speak to me that way!” “I forbid Peggy to see any more of you, now get out of here this instant!” An almost malevolent look crossed Dace’s face as he replied, “Don’t ever even think about telling me what to do, bitch!” “Now watch this!” With her eyes now the growing to the size of saucers Norma Bond looked on helplessly while Dace Laughton pushed her pretty little daughter to her knees before shoving the most massive erection she had ever seen into her hungry mouth! “You did a nice job raising her, ” Dace said with a sigh, “she sucks a mean fucking dick.” black-cock. Interracial sex story - Black Cock School for Girls - Interracial sex story - Carla Scott sat stiffly upright in one of the several straight back chairs that ringed the front of headmistress, Marion Elder's large imposing desk. "Now let me make sure that I understand exactly what you're saying, Mz. Elder, " Carla said sternly, "you're guaranteeing that my daughter will receive daily instruction in large black erection etiquette?!?" "That is exactly what I'm saying, " the headmistress replied smoothly, "in fact we guarantee that your daughter will get at least two hard fuckings a day by black erections that are at least nine inches long!!!" black-boobs. Interracial sex stories - Black Boobs - The Call Girl Phillip's secretary called me from his office around five. A client had come into town unexpectedly and my husband had been given the duty of seeing that Chad, (that was the client's name) got settled at his hotel. I hung up the phone and thought how odd it was that my husband hadn't offered to have Chad join us for supper. young-buck. YOUNG BUCK - An Interracial sex story - Virginia York wheeled her Caddy into the parking garage and after maneuvering through the maze of ramps she nosed the big auto into a space near the elevator. She shivered a little as a cold north wind whipped around her while waiting for a car. Finally down on the street, she made her way the two blocks to a nondescript building on the west side of Chicago's Loop. It had been almost a month since her last visit, and the anticipation in her pussy caused her to drench her panties involuntarily! story-interracial. THE EBONY SATISFIER - An Interracial sexy tale - "What a day, " thought Paula, as she sped down Marine Blvd. on her way to the bank, "it's just one thing after another!" She knew that she was speeding, but what with the stop at the bank, grocery shopping, and a visit to the beauty parlor, she would be hard pressed to make her six o'clock appointment with her husband. Drinks, dinner, and the opera, if she could just get through the day, she might even get to enjoy the evening! black-white. BLACK AND WHITE - Interracial sex story - "Please, Mark, we really need to work out tonight, " pleaded Cindy! Mark looked at the two women and said, "You guys know the rules, the gym closes at ten sharp!" "Just for a little while, " begged Jill?!? Mark, the manager of the Suburban Workout Gym, was about ready to begin his own workout when these two dingbats showed up just as he was closing up. "Oh well, come on in, I was just going to work out myself, and I could use a spotter, " he said, giving in to their pleas!32. My Japanese Boy - Interracial sex story - The first time I met Teino was at a party that my friend Donna had dragged me to. When we arrived, the music was loud and people were getting drunk and flirty. Donna got busy making out with a broad-shouldered blond guy, and I strolled around the house with my beer. I found him in the study upstairs, sitting on a couch, watching Jay Leno Show. Sex stories making you horny? Videos and pictures of naked girls and guys not doing it for you anymore? Then try chatting with the sexy cam girls, guys and trannies at LiveJasmin cams. Or visit the new amateur cams at our free live webcam sex site. Feeling horny and looking for a fuck tonight? Meet local women in your area who are looking for a good time just like you! Browse the free profiles, chat with the girls, and contact the ones you like - adultfriendfinder Find a Fuck Tonight! livecams-chat.streamray Fuck lonely wives Find bored at home housewifes looking to flirt, chat and a good fuck while their husbands are working! These ladies are starving for attention. 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