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Spanking Fantasy

Spanking Fantasy

By Lynn - Dec 12, 2006 - From spanking- stories. Spanking stories - Views - 38856 I met my husband on a blind date 9 years ago. I knew I loved him right away I wanted to take him right there. I married him after 3 weeks and now 9 years later I love him and adore him more every day.
I told my husband of my fantcies I have had about our sex life and I am glad I did .
We went to a cottage for a vacation to just get away and I was told to wear only my long black skirt bra and no panties and as I was waiting at the door he told my to go to the garage and wait by the truck door, I said ok and off I went he came in soon there after and told me to grab my ankles and not to move so I did . He ordered my to not touch this ot all I said ok honey. He slid a 9 inch dildo in my pussy and and 10inch but plug in my ass he straped them to my legs and turned them on but nothing happened I did no want to say anything so he stood me up right and told me to lift my shirt I did he attached nipple clamps to my 44DDD breasts and told me to sit I did he took his rope and tied my hands be hind my back and leaned my seat all the way back he put a dildo shaped gag in my mouth and fassined it tight. As we droveHe told me of how I will be experencing some new things on this trip. then It happened he turn all the dildos on and as I was ready to cum he turned them off pulled the truck over and got on top of my and removed the gag and before I could move my lips he shove his dick in my mouth and face fucked me then he turned me over after returning my gag and spanked me until I was beat red. He told me I was to suck on him for the next 30 mintues until we got there so he removed my gag gave me a draink and then put my mouth on his dick and started to drive we arived and as he came he put the gag backin and covered me with a large blanket and told me not to move so as I laid ther so many things went through my mind and then he returned with the key and directions and he drove up to the cottage and said we are here and he got out and let me out and he took me inside then he untied my hands and told me to striip and said I will tell you now there arepeople coming but not until tonight when you meet them you will be tied to a saw horse and you will please whoI tell you to I said ok he said but 1st I need to suntan for about 4 hrs and then I will bring you back in I said ok so he walked me down to the lake and tied me up to a tree in and X pattern I called him over and said I will be bored and hesaid ok so he shoved the dildos back in all three holes and turned them on I looked down he wrote Free Fuck on my stomach I screamed as he walked away an hour passed a bout pulled up and and man said free fuck ok how my husband walk up shook his hand and said ok how s this work He told him to come int to the house and he would explain I was cring when he returned he took me down and said ok the party is going to start for you right now he tied my to the saw horse and said you will do as you are told or else i shook my head he said really the he spanked my red ass with a wooden paddle I said ok I will after 25 swats and he opened the gate and said ok money here and she is over there make a circle around her ladies you will be spanking her and men you will be Fucking her so this went on for 3 -4 hrs into the morning so he let everyone leave and then he untied me gave me a shower and put me to bed and wok me up and sid how are you doing and he made love to me the rest of the weekend .

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