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Summer Rain

Summer Rain

By Anon - Sep 19, 2004 - From voyeur-stories. Voyeur Stories - Views - 26515 Free Adult Voyeur WebcamsVoyeur sex tale - It was late afternoon after a hot sticky day. After a day spent playing with his nephews he was glad to have a chance to rest while they were bathed and put to bed. He had volunteered to go down the garden and collect their scattered toys. As he reached the bottom ofthe garden a gentle rain started to fall. He quickly took shelter in the tree house and relaxed, watching the plump raindrops hitting the leaves around him. Idly looking around his eye was caught by a flutter of movement in a neighbouring garden. A woman was engaged, as he had been, in collecting abandoned toys but she had not sought shelterfrom the rain. Instead she opened her arms and tilted her head back, as if trying to catch every drop. She was swaying to some internal rhythm, undulating her hips and twining her arms above her head. Eyes closed she began to glide her hands down her body, smoothing the raindrops into her skin and dress. He watched in fascination as her hands cupped her breasts and slid down over her thighs. He picked up a telescope and tracked a raindrop as it hit her bottom lip, then trickled over her chin, down her neck and slowly ran down her chest until it met the swell of her breast and disappeared into the dark shadow of her cleavage. He put the telescope down and leaned forward to see her more clearly. Just then she took a quick look around, then in one quick movement grasped the hem of her dress and pulled it over her head. Underneath she was totally naked and she stretched out her body, arching her backand clearly enjoying the feel of the rain on her skin. She was still swaying to and fro, moving her body to some primeval rythm. Her hands began to stroke over her body again but slower this time, and she was lingering more each time at her breasts. He could clearly see her nipples hardening and she began to tug and twist the hard nubs. Harderand harder she massaged her breasts and soon he could hear her gaspingwith each caress. She sank to her knees as if she could no longer stand, then sprawled on her back, writhing as she rolled her nipples between her fingers. Then one hand drifted down over her stomach and slid between her legs as she spread them wide. At the sight of her shaven pussy he involuntarily groaned, feeling his hard cock throb urgently with the desire to thrust into her cunt. She must have heard him for she momentarily lifted her head and looked around to see if she was alone. She still didn't look up and see him and her fingers slid back between her thighs and began stroking her clit. He freed his cock from his trousers and began stroking it to the same rhythm she was using on her clit. Soon her gasps became moans as she rubbed and stroked herself, her other hand still busy with her breasts. Obviously needing more she spread her legs wider and slid a finger deep inside. Grabbing the telescope he could clearly see her finger sliding in and out, and he knew that her cunt was wet with more than rain. Grasping his cock he began to pump it in unison with her finger, gripping it harder as she slid another finger in, then another, her thumb strokingher clit. He struggled to remain quiet as her moans grew louder. She was bucking her hips against her hand now, her fingers sliding faster and faster. Then she stiffened, her back arching off the ground as she came. He grabbed the telescope with one hand, the other pumping harderon his cock. He could see her cunt clenching around her fingers and the flood of moisture trickling down her crack. The sight was enough to trigger his own orgasm and he bit hard on his lip to remain quiet, spattering the leaves with his white cum. When his breathing had slowed again to normal he leaned forward to look at her again. She was sprawled like a ragdoll on the grass, everylimb relaxed. He took a last long look at her lovely body, then froze as his eyes reached her face. She was looking straight up at him. For a moment she just stared, then her lips curved into a smile and she lifted a hand and beckoned to him.
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